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  1. 2stroketim

    Home-made Riding Trails??

    I do the same thing - thanks for typing all the crap I didn't want to...
  2. 2stroketim

    Suzuki Savage....anybody ever use these?

    I owned one for about a year. Too small for me, and there is nowhere close to enough power...65 mph is hard...the Savage was too much of a beginners bike for me..I gave it to my uncle - he still has it and loves it, but he never rides faster than 55...
  3. 2stroketim


    CLUTCH in First Gear. Learn slow first.
  4. 2stroketim


    http://www.garybailey.com/ Go to this site. Pay for the class. Go to the class. Listen to what the dude says. Scrub. There ya go.
  5. 2stroketim

    BAD NEWS from Factory Effex

    No $h!t....I have people come up to me late on event days and still want a free cap or a voucher for a discount for printing...when I tell them I am all out, sometimes they get pissed like I'm lying or something.......great American values these kids have....I want something for nothing!!! Me Me ME....then the footstomp.
  6. 2stroketim

    steahlyoffroad is unreachble

    Just called them for ya....you should have an email coming...
  7. 2stroketim

    BAD NEWS from Factory Effex

    Sounds to me like you wanted some special treatment.... Also, where did you get your marketing degree? Cracker jacks? If one of my employees gives away freight I wanna know WHY. I get a bill from UPS too....After packaging, and boxing, my profit on UPS might be 10 cents a box....and I ship usually about 200+ boxes PER DAY. You would be suprised....I charge say 5.95 for a box to ship from Southern VA to Richmond...The box cost me .95. The UPS charge is 3.50 (or so) the gas charge is another .95. That puts me at 4.90, and then there are always a few ways UPS get a little more out of me...Factory FX sends everything 2nd day air don't they? 11 dollars for that is cheap..... I offer free shipping to my sponsored riders...that's it. The OP just seems pissed that he did not get special treatment...If one of my inside guys had taken that call, even as an owner, I would have told you to take a flyin leap. I pay my CSR's to handle orders in a respectful manner - if a customer wants to get pissed with them and start raising their voice because they didn't get the answer they were looking for, I will tell them to take their business elsewhere.
  8. 2stroketim

    Did some rattlecanning to the xr100

    Not begrudging you on the bike, not at all, I just happened to like the red better.... Free is a good price, and I also happen to keep an extra bike just layin around....but I would never spray my 79 IT250 flat black because my girl felt ashamed to ride it..... I'd spray paint my girl before I sprayed a bike like that! Have fun dood, and post some pics when you get it back to normal...
  9. 2stroketim

    Sponsers a disadvantage?

    +1 on the post above....
  10. 2stroketim

    450 or 250 2t?

    Not really.... Get the 2T, change the sprocket and put a FWW in...easy stuff.
  11. +1 CP's have a purpose. What you are seeing in the PRO ranks, is under jersey CP's...
  12. 2stroketim

    steahlyoffroad is unreachble

    A shop that size? He's a one man wrecking unit in a small town in Oregon....hit him up this week - he's a great guy and will help in any way he can... I bought a 9 oz. FWW and it just did not do the trick, he took it back and sent me the 11 oz for only the shipping!
  13. 2stroketim

    Did some rattlecanning to the xr100

    Now you REALLY need to replace the plastic...I liked it better before the $0.05 spray job...I think you may have actually created more work for yourself - that bike is now worth about 1/2 of what you paid...and it will cost you double what you paid to get it right....
  14. 2stroketim

    How much would you pay for this?

    About 1K - At least that's what I'd pay, no more than 1100
  15. That has led to many a broken bone my friend - - - Spend some time browsing as far as bike setup - I am tall as well and run a bar riser with tall bars... You probably should look into having the suspension done - Race Tech, Go Race, Elka, etc. No too bad of a cost...the benefits outweigh the $$ FAST.