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  1. catamountrdr

    SR500 Exhaust Header

    OK...I searched as much as my patience would allow. Can anyone tell me where I can get an aftermarket header pipe and megaphone for a SR500? Thanks, K
  2. catamountrdr

    everyone makes fun of trailwings

    Yeah...well, get them off the slickrock and into the sand and you will discover how they earned their nickname. Anything will stick to slickrock. In fact, I rode Slickrock Park in Moab with a thin layer of ice on the trails with no problem. Try riding Monitor/Merrimac sand traps on the Deathwings and you will wear yourself out picking up your bike.
  3. catamountrdr

    Bar Risers

    Just a quick Question. I have 1" risers off my MX bike. Will they work with the stock cables on my 08 DR or am I going to have trouble with cable length?
  4. catamountrdr

    TKC Sizing on the DR650

    Any opinions on the optimum front and rear size using the Conti TKCs? Thanks