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  1. I changed the pilot jet to a 45 and I raised the clip on the needle one notch. I let it warmup for a while and took it around the neighborhood for a 10min ride. Last time I did that I had a spooge stream down the pipe, this time none was present. I will go for a real ride next week and see how the PJ and needle adjustment did. I got home and took the silencer off when it was still warm and stood it upwith the inlet side down for an hour, but nothing ran out. Thanks for the help.......
  2. OK....I will get one ordered so I have one on hand afetr I try the PJ. Thanks Shrub.....
  3. Thanks for the reply...I have a 45 pilot comming tommorow, should I just raise the clip on the needle or get a different needle??
  4. I have a FMF Fatty and mix 32:1, no spooge with the stock silencer on a 07 YZ-250. I changed the silencer to a FMF Q Stealth and now I have spooge out the end. Can it be breathing better since the size of the silencer is huge compared to the stocker? 48 pilot and a 175 main at 1200 ft elevation, FMF said I was ok on the jetting for the combo. I ride trails at a moderate pace, have changed nothing except the silencer. Has anyone had a similar situation.........Jim
  5. JS450

    dna wheel sets?????????????????

    I have a set on my 08 RMZ-450 also. I have about 8 rides on them, and only tightened the spokes once. The spacers are a tiny bit shorter in the front, but not something to worry about. The weight you call feel with the pick up test. I am bigger than the average bear 6' 5in 300lbs, so weight to me can be made up by me not eating for a day. Would I buy them again?? I see no reason not too, but there are alot of other companies that sell wheel sets. Jim
  6. JS450

    Wiseco or stay with OEM?

    Thanks for the info....I will start looking....Jim
  7. 2007 YZ-250 and its time for me to put in a top end. I bought the bike used 3months ago and not sure on the total hours, I rather be safe then sorry. Should I stay with OEM stuff or Wiseco. Any personnel prefrences or responses is appreciated.....Jim:thumbsup:
  8. JS450

    Milestone MX park

    Great job on the video..Thanks for sharing.....Jim