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  1. you write like a retard
  2. i over jumped a double and smashed into the face of he next jump and got away with just biting my tongue, without the pad i could of possibly broke my jaw
  3. omg im crying because im laughing so hard hahahaha
  4. the very little weight gain would not be noticeable when you factor in the traction gain.
  5. damn. theres absolutely nothing in florida like that (that i know of) im so jealous
  6. that was pretty nuts
  7. what does it take to make it street legal and registered
  8. i dont think you can get one that low, thats probably about what dealerships buy them for
  9. theres still no reason to go up to 110, i could see maybe 99 octane
  10. just put oil in it and drain it and you should be find, on my kx100 i had water in the case for god knows how long and ran the piss out of it and didnt even know it till i changed it and nothing ever happend and it still runs to this day
  11. unless you are running a high compression piston you will see no power gain, might even loose power
  12. im gunna get square wheels and beat you all
  13. somebody has had to have fallen off that