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    I need help please

    Iam sure happy with all the help and info you all have given me is there verry many of you who ride and live in olympia area??? Any way I will keep you guess posted on what i get I may even spend the extra money and get the husky if they are any good But i like the fact that paulson's onley a few blocks from me it would be good to get enough of us together and show up at the toy run if i get a bike by then iam glad i kept my motorcycle endorsement for all these years lol lol lol
  2. redzr2frme

    I need help please

    Boy,I hope Paulsons have better peopple there hey rolled 10,000 miles of my XL250S back in 1985. Reason i no for a fact is I bought the bike new and I ran into the pearson who bought it from them And yes I sold it to Paulsons!! heard They have a very good motorcycle mechanic That is what iam looking for.The reason gave up on rididng was no one new how to work on mine! And it was a honda!!!
  3. redzr2frme

    I need help please

    thanks fo all the advice in here keep it coming guys any advice who is a good shop to deal with near Olympia Washington if any?
  4. redzr2frme

    I need help please

    Ok I want to get back into riding and was wondering what would be the best bet Iam leaning towards the Dr400sm but I have also looked at the dr650 Iam 5,11 210 lbs This bike would also be used to go back and forth to work money isnt the problem for me! but would like somthing I could play with or ride all day on.