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    XT500 smoking issue

    Hey all you xt afficianados. i picked up a 77 xt500 a couple of months ago for $500. bike had 15000 mi on the odo. she whas in need of a drastic makeover... bars, fenders, brake lite, sprockets, chain, tires, fmf pipe and custom midpipe, case saver, and some general maintenance. the bike runs great, and after a carb clean she's super reliabile. i've got one issue w/ the bike though. on cold starts, she spews white smoke for about 1 - 2 minutes, and then no more smoke. i'm concerned, but it's a good sign it only smokes on start up, right? i've heard there's an oil valve on the frame oil tank that opens on start up to allow oil flow to the engine. i read on another forum that this valve can get stuck open allowing oil leakage from the frame tank into the engine. can anyone confirm this as a possibile cause of the smoking? anything else that might cause this, should i be concerned? i LOVE this bike! i've put about $600 into upgrades, w/ a few more to go. a total of $1100 for a great adv bike. any input on my smoking issue would be greatly appreciated! cheers
  2. haydenslides

    XR650R Dakar bikes... any pix?

    sweet pix! here's some i've come across...
  3. haydenslides

    XR650R Dakar bikes... any pix?

    I've been on the search for XRR's from the Dakar rally, or similarly set up. ie- aux fuel tanks, rally fairings etc. have some pix on my home computer that i'll post later. anybody else got any pix/info?