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  1. dwayne26

    crf 150 spark arrestor

    I put a DB Dog quite insert and spark arrester in. Installed in less than 2 minnutes. Around $60.00 for the set. They claim no power loss.
  2. dwayne26

    Battery Tenders??

    I have used a battery tender on my 450x since 2007- Still using the original battery that came with the bike. I have a quick plug plug the I wired into the air box.I open the door after riding and plug it in.It is on 24hrs/day 7days a week.I bring the battery inside in the winter as it is way too cold and too much snow to ride.I keep it on the tender all winter as well.Gonna be 4 years old this spring.
  3. dwayne26

    2008 150r won't idle down

    I went up one size on the pilot and when we checked the valves the two intake valves were both tight.The exhausts were good.Adjusted the valves and everything is good to go. There is zero hang time on the idle now. I think the main problem was tight valves. Thanks for all of your input. Dwayne
  4. dwayne26

    2008 150r won't idle down

    My daughter has a 2008 150R. When I blip the throttle the idle stays high for approx 10 seconds and then come down to normal level. I checked the cable and it is not sticking. The throttle stop goes all the way to stop. I have cleaned the main and pilot jet.When the bike is idleing high and I pull the hot start it will drop down instantly to idle. The air filter is clean.The bike has a Recluse clutch and a DB Dawg insert with spark arrestor and other than that it's stock.It is an issue when she is riding as the throttle stays high when you come to corners ect and she has crashed a few times. Any ideas? Thanks Dwayne
  5. dwayne26

    Exhaust pop and flame during hot starting

    I forget what jet I put in.Just followed the kits instructions. I don't know if it did it before installing the JD kit because I did it before I ever rode it in the bush. I have never used the hot start but I will try that next week-end.I will also let it idle a bit before shutting off. Thanks for the input.
  6. I have a 2006 450x. Air box cut. JD Jet kit installed. Stock exhaust will baffle out. The bike starts great when cold and runs fantastic. I am having a problem when I stop and wait for people to catch up with big red machine. It will turn over and will make a load "pop or bang" out the exhaust.I do not use the hot start lever. One of the guys said he saw flames. What could be causing this? Thanks
  7. dwayne26

    -2006 450x Exhaust questions

    I sold my YZ250f and just purchased a 2006 450x that was only six months old.I have spent endless hours reading on the TT. Love it!!! I have only rode the bike up and down my street as we still have too much snow up here in British Columbia. I have purchased all new UFO white plastics, cut the airbox and side panels and I have the JD kit but have not installed yet! Got too cold. My question is regarding an exhaust choice. I can buy a new FMf powercore 4 slip on new at the Honda dealer for cheap. Will a stock 450r full exhaust give me better gains than just a slip on? My second question is this. Why won't the full exhaust work from a 2006r,2007r ext? Is it just a matter of cutting off the mount and re-welding or is it more than just mounting brackets that make it not work.I can do the welding myself if needed. Thanks in advance. Once again Love the site!!! I am now on team red.