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  1. Thanks for sharing that Randy. Since dielectric grease is silicone based silicone grease should work the same I suppose...maybe they just recommend dielectric grease in case the grease somehow comes in contact with electrical components. I was thinking about trying to find a way to brace the carburetor to take away stress from the intake flange so maybe I'll try that and apply some silicone grease to prevent it from cracking since that manual recommended doing so for their boots. Thanks again!
  2. Hmm I might give that stuff a try. Thanks for the reply.
  3. fryman

    1985 to 1989 ktm 250 info

    I have a 1986 KTM 250 MXC which I've been restoring for the past few years. Also just bought a 1986 KTM 250 MX a couple days ago. I have a complete parts book in PDF format and a service manual as well. I'm not an expert of these bikes but I would be glad to help you with whatever questions you have if I can answer them. Here's the parts book: http://www.scribd.com/doc/62496697/29708817-KTM-250-300-350MX-MXC-GS-86-Parts-book-supplement-20248 Here's the service manual: http://www.scribd.com/doc/92309934/29707226-KTM-250-300-350MX-MXC-GS-86-Owner-s-manual-20117DE Those books are for the 86 KTM 250, 300 and 350. I think I also have a parts book for a 1985 KTM 250/300/350 and 1989 KTM 250/300/350 that I could upload. Hope this helps!
  4. fryman

    Best way to clean chain?

    Advance auto had a 2 for one deal on brake cleaner a couple months ago so I gave that a shot and it seemed to work pretty well. I don't know much about brake cleaner but I assume it wouldn't hurt the o-rings or x-rings on a chain since brake cleaner can get on the rubber boots in a brake system and not harm them. I'm not sure if brake cleaner if safe to use so someone please correct me if I'm wrong but it seemed to work pretty well on my chain without harming anything.
  5. I have an 86 KTM 250 and just bought another one. I had to replace my intake flange because the old one was badly cracked and the rubber was dried out and hard. The bike I just bought has a relatively new one also that the previous owner paid $200 for and I paid $130 for mine so, needless to say, I really don't want these things to dry out and crack like the old ones. I was just wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent them from cracking? I was thinking putting some silicone spray on a rag and wiping them off occasionally might help to keep them from drying out, would that probably work? Also, how long until I can expect them to crack if I don't treat them with anything? Thanks.
  6. Any ideas? Should I try a 50:1 mix ratio instead of 40:1?
  7. I have a 1986 KTM 250 that I have been restoring for the past few years. I recently got it running and a couple days ago I drove it for the first time since I've had it. It runs but it has some serious issues. First thing is that it will cut off at idle, even though I have turned the throttle adjustment screw all the way in to increase the idle. So I have to constantly hold the accelerator slightly to keep it running. Second thing is that it produces a lot of smoke, much more than I think is normal. When I rode it I also noticed that it seems to mostly have power in the mid rpm range....when it gets in high rpm it won't run smooth and feels like it loses power. It also seems to have a small burst of power when I first take off in a gear but the power only lasts for a second. I am running a 40:1 mix ratio with 98 octane gas and I live in florida so I'm close to sea level. Manual says the original carb settings are for altitudes between 300-400 meters above sea level and a average temp of 18 degrees celcius. Here are the original carb settings according to the manual: Main jet: 185 Needle jet: 2.74 BN Idling jet: 58 Jet needle: U 12 Needle position: 2nd from top Mixture adjustment Scew open: 1 3/4 turn Throttle valve: 30 Starting jet: 70 As far as I know, all the jets in this carb are stock. I found the needle clip at the 1st position from top so I set it to 2nd position from top but it didn't seem to make a difference. I also set the mixture screw to 1 3/4 turn open as the manual says is stock. When I got the engine together, I ran it without the expansion chamber and no filter and I was able to set the idle adjusting screw to a position where the engine ran without me having to hold the accelerator.....it idled rough but at least I didn't have to constantly hold the throttle open slightly.... it's strange to me that now that everything is together it acts worse. This problem really has me puzzled so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I just bought a entire used ignition system for my bike because my old stator got the wires ripped out of it somehow and I got a great deal for the whole ignition system. I think everything is installed correctly but I'm not sure because for one thing there's a orange wire coming from the ignition coil which I have no idea where it goes and also there's two blue wires coming from the stator coil that goes to two blue wires on the digital control module so I'm confused about which wire goes to which wire and if it even matters... I hooked everything up the way I figured it goes and there's no spark. So if someone could give me a wiring diagram for the ignition system or explain where everything goes I would really appreciate it. Thanks. 1986 KTM 250 enduro(sx model I believe)
  9. fryman

    what year is my ktm 500?

    ok thanks for the help.now i know its an 86 now i just gotta find out if it really is a 500.hey i found a guy that has a 1983 ktm 495 and hes selling parts.would the stator coil(i think its called) and seat from this bike fit mines?also this guy wants $100 for the seat...i think thats way too much,what do you all think how much should it cost?
  10. fryman

    what year is my ktm 500?

    well the engine number is 6-544*-----*...according to what i read from the link u provided the 6 indicates that the bike is a 1986 and the 544 should indicate the size...but not like 544 would be 544 cc its some different system...it says what 562 and all the 560s are but not 544...do any of you know what size 544 is?
  11. fryman

    what year is my ktm 500?

    i was told its a 1985 but ive been looking for parts and i found some for an 86 and they dont look like the original parts.how can i find out the year and model?i looked on the steering stem but it dosnt have a sticker that says the year and model.incase anyone can tell the year and model by looking at the bike heres some pics.
  12. fryman

    1985 ktm 495

    yea i read that when brand new those bikes could hit 123 mph.
  13. fryman

    1985 ktm 495

    the main part im trying to get right now is the coil(thats under the flywheel).i keep looking but i cant find one.what other years and or bikes could i get parts that would fit mine?
  14. fryman

    1985 ktm 495

    i bought it for $100 a few days ago you think it runs?lol.well apearently this is what happened,this guy bought the bike as a project bike to fix up and he never got around to it and left it outside so its not in good condition.it had water in the crank case and it was completely frozen and i just got it freed up today.it has great compression but the main problem now is spark,i just found that the wires were riped out of the coil and are cut off too short to be repaired,looks to me like this happened because they didnt have the coil bolted to the engine.so anyway the parts i need are coil,seat,gear shift lever,side plate for the gears(because the water pump attached is all broken apart and theres a hole in the cover so the oil leaks out),probably will need new tires soon because both have cracks,pipe silencer,plastic side panels,airbox and possibly more.
  15. fryman

    1985 ktm 495

    well i bought it a few days ago for $100 from this guy and he said its a 1985 ktm 495....but its liquid cooled so i guess it is a 500.i bought the bike cuz i was told its a motocross bike and i wanted a good bike for jumping.is this a good bike for jumping and does it have alot of power?