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  1. I live in northern Michigan. I am running the 31 on front and 51 on rear on my yz450. We ride a lot of tight hard packed trails but there are a few open "play" areas made up of soft sand. So far I have been very impressed with the set up. No major signs of wear on the front either. I would definitely recommend them.
  2. I recently got a set of knee braces and the straps seem to be rubbing and tearing up my legs. i was thinking about a set of Under Armour Heatgear Compression long pants? has anyone ever used them? Or.. do you guys ever war anything under your knee guards or braces? Thanks for any help..
  3. that is just an old snowmobile helmet with a hole cut out for a video camera. then the camera is duct taped into the helmet... it actually worked pretty good though.... probably not the safest thing....there are some clips from the helmet cam in this video [/url]
  4. we ride the St. Helen area on the weekends.... if you are looking for trails