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  1. brandon625g

    Orion 125 agb 29

    ive decided to stay away from chinese made bikes,, from bad past experiences.. ill save up for a honda
  2. brandon625g

    Orion vs. "Name brand" bikes

    i picked up an rion 110 as my first bike ever.. i liked the way it looked and the cost was cheap.. i rode it around and trailed it with some buddies that have honda 50's, and some others that had chinese made like me.. my bike seemed to be the best that first day i rode it.. well oil started leaking like a mother, the rear sprokett gasket came off.. my engine ran dry and i didnt even know .. the engine was blown just 2 weeks after i got it... it was kind of my fault for not checking the oil, but things like that shouldnt even happen.. i really want a big bike and i have decided to stay away from the chinese bikes and save up for a honda!!!!!!!!! thanx everyone for your inputs!!!!
  3. brandon625g

    Orion 125 agb 29

    im looking at the 250 by orion.. i am a fresh new rider.... i wont be doing any jumping for a while.. just trail riding. do you know anything about this bike???
  4. brandon625g

    Orion vs. "Name brand" bikes

    ya there is such thing as "no fear" when ur riding for the first time... people who have been riding all their lives make it look easy.. jumping on one for the first time is not like riding a normal bicycle there pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. brandon625g

    Orion vs. "Name brand" bikes

    i am also looking at the 250cc by orion.. i have their 110 and i like it a lot.. i am a new rider and i have no fear, so i put my 110 through some rough times.. and it seemed to hold up just fine... i want a bigger bike but the name brand ones are just not in my budget at the moment, plus ive never ridin a 250 so the orion might be the right one for me... anyone have anything to say about that???