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  1. tdawg81

    TT500 Ignition Question

    Want to say thanks again for your guys help. When you say: "Set your points a.014 gap then set your ignition timing." - is 0.014 correct? This is my first time adjusting points and that seems like a tiny gap. If this is correct then that would explain why my bike won't start! I know I need to pick up a manual (I will check eBay after I post this), but can you explain how you set the timing?
  2. tdawg81

    XT/TT oil lines

    I have personally met Bill (I bought that clutch from you last weekend). He's a great guy you can trust. I'll be contacting him shortly to pick his brain on other TT500 questions soons.
  3. tdawg81

    TT500 Ignition Question

    Thanks to both of you guys. Hooked up and it is creating spark. Unfortunately bike is still not running, but I will post more questions once I figure more out. Thanks again for taking the time to help me!!
  4. tdawg81

    TT500 Ignition Question

    I have a 1978 TT500. I am rewiring the bike (previous owner stripped the wiring). I have new points, condensor, coil, etc. Everything is mounted, but I'm confused on how to hook it up. I am hoping there is an obvious answer Details: The Magneto has 2 wires coming out of it (red/black). The points have one wire coming out of it, and the coil has one wire coming out of it. How do I hook all of this up? Where is the ground for the ignition coil? I have been advised to do the following, but it doesn't seem right: Red output from magneto->wire out of coil Point output->screw mount of coil I hope this makes sense to someone reading. I am hoping to fire up the bike and get riding tomorrow! thanks!