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    Steering Stabilizer

    I think you will find that either will serve you very well, the scotts/ohlins damper is tried and true where as the GPR seems to be a very good modern design. I think the GPR looks a lot better, especially the sub mount kit. I have used the Ohlins damper on a previous bike, they work really good. I can't speak for GPR, but I can't imagine they would be too much different at all. I am running the WER damper, I got it for a carton of beer off a mate that sold his bike, and that's all about they are worth but this one wasn't on your list anyway.....
  2. If it is your first bike, the 4 strokes are great to learn on because of the extra torque. If you ride mostly sand, you won't get any more fun than blasting around on a 2 stroke. As for the 250f - 450f thing, unless you weigh around 150lbs, the 450 is really the only option. I think everyone here will agree that the wr450f is easy to ride / learn on, just needs the free mods done and you got one mother of a learner bike!!!
  3. MSHAM, your bike looks very sweet indeed mate! I think white head light would look better than the stock blue one if you are thinking of upgrading. A good trick with putting the graphics on is to spray the plastics with soapy water first that way the graphic can be easily repositioned if you put it down in the wrong spot. The only thing to watch is that it takes a bit longer for the glue to set properly but you never get those stubborn bubbles. It's just the same method as applying vinyl graphics to a car.