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    Tlr200 question

    Hi, I just completed a TLR200 build, and it is excellent. Get the WES exhaust system from BJRACING.com, tell Bob Ginder I sent you and ask him for the latest TLR tricks as he is doing up a very special one. The WES weighs only about 3lbs 10 oz. and helps the power substantially. It is also still pretty quiet but has a good sound. I also did the BJ racing fiberglass tank seat and Falcon shocks and my bike weight is down to 184 dry and I still have alloy rims to add. The Honda secret carb mod (slide and needle) was a huge improvement. I have lots of pictures if you would like to see what I have done. I am told by people from 3 countries, so far, that it is the best one they have seen. BJ is working on a 220cc kit which involves some extensive and expensive mods and have also talked about making a batch of 9:1 pistons if we have 6 guys interested. I think they are around $200 each, kind of high but the 220 kit is supposed to be $750 ish complete (ouch!). The Falcon shocks were a big improvement and weigh 1.5 pound sless thatn the stock ones, which was a nice surprise. Theri are also some new shocks fromt he Europe, Classic, tuned by Mck Andrews, available from BPS Engineering in France, and the elusive Rock Shocks, that I can't find much aobut, as well as the Betor shock, which is reasonably priced but I have not tried yet. If you wnat any more info on your project email me and I will send some pics. Good luck! Scott