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  1. After a couple wipe outs this weekend I'm in need of a few parts...... Front number plate (above headlight) Both side places (under seat) Stiffer yellow mono shock spring (cause for the above) Left rear turn signal. So the question is, where is the best place to buy these parts? Thank you!!!!!
  2. Iowa

    We have a group of 10+ (guys and gals) riding at Bluff Creek this Saturday, October 22nd. We will be on bikes and wheelers. We will have a cook out at the BC riding park. Chime in here if interested or just stop by and introduce your self. I'll be riding a 2000 blue/white DRZ400S.
  3. This is a S modle and I weigh around 185 lbs. Thanks.
  4. I have a bone stock 2000 DRZ400S. I love the bike but the suspension seems too soft when riding offroad. What would be cheap answer to solve this? Thank you!
  5. I have this very same bike (Yr 2k). I agree with all the above posts. This thing rips out of the hole. Top speed on mine is around 85mph. Once you do some minor adjusting you will love it! Good luck.
  6. I'm also looking at a 08 or 09 KLR650. Most people say change out the doohickey and then you are good to go for many trouble free miles. The search is on for a clean, used one, with low miles.....
  7. Looks like 2008 changes were made. Hope they updated the "doohickey" thingy too!
  8. Can anyone verify this? I'm dealing on a 2009 now. I might add that I'm no mechanic and just want this bike to be turn key!! Thank you!!
  9. How many miles before this "doohickey" needs to be changed? Do the newer models 09/10 have an upgraded "doohickey"?
  10. What is this "doohickey" you speak of?
  11. Good info here, thanks!! Keep the comments coming please!!
  12. What year KLR?
  13. Can someone please tell me what year the KLR650 had a body style change? Any change to the motor or upgraded options? Do these bikes vibrate much? I'm looking at 2005 - 2009 models. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking at 2 bikes..... Kawi KLR650 or Suzuki DR650. I will use this bike for short commutes and some trail riding. Might even through the wife on back from time to time. Please give me any helpfull feedback on these two bikes. I do own a DRZ400S, which I really enjoy but would like a bigger CC bike for hwy riding. Here are a few things that are important to me... 1) Reliability 2) Comfort 3) Under $4000 THANK YOU!!!!
  15. Well.......I was all set to pick up this bike but I'm having some 2nd thoughts- I've been reading about all the overheating issues, which concerns me. It seems like what works for some KLX450's doesn't work for others? Turn this screw 1/4 turn, jet this or that, add a different pipe, Need to install a fan, etc. I might add that I'm NO MECHANIC. I like to hit the button and go. My DRZ is rock solid and has never let me down. Plus it's below freezing now and I won't even get a chance to ride the bike for months. I know Kawi has very good rebates NOW til the end of the year, however I might hold off until spring. I appreciate all the advise given on this site. Please continue to share all info about this bike. I hope to have the KLX in the garage someday.