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  1. buzzes

    One bike for Streetard&Woods?

    Yea, I just came from a single track ride on my KTM250xcw-e and can't imagine being as satisfied on anything else.----especially a road tuned four stroke. I am closer to the two bike approach right now.----ALL ORANGE TOO!!
  2. buzzes

    One bike for Streetard&Woods?

    That is by FAR the WORST/BIGGEST/most VIVID version of a THREAD JACK I have ever experienced. Nice work!----------------dick.
  3. buzzes

    One bike for Streetard&Woods?

    Thanks for all the valuable input people!!!! I am inquirying because I currently have a GREAT off road set up (2008 KTM 250XCW-e) but I wish to Supermoto on the road and local track. --I know I could add wheels and brakes to my XCW-e but I also want to be able to road ride for shits, giggles and the run to the track. Our local government has outlawed conversions now. I just don't have enough time to gear-up for trail rides all the time. Can one bike give me what I need? ----looking at a 06 KTM 450smr that has been made street legal from the dealer with papers.
  4. Hey there, Anyone ever use a KTM450smr with dirt wheel set up? I have heard of guys buying longer fork lowers and then having their SMR instantly turn into a great woods bike with just a change of wheels!!!!! Anyone here tried this? Thanks for the help, Buzzes
  5. buzzes

    Thumper Racing 300 kit for the 250

    Boy are you ever riding the fence there. "Just Fine"?
  6. buzzes

    Thumper Racing 300 kit for the 250

    I am looking at an 08 with this kit on it to replace my tired 200MXC. Mike, how do you like it in comparison?
  7. buzzes

    The KTM 200 Club

    So I'm not crazy to consider just improving my faithful little 200? She keeps up with the newer models in the tight stuff we ride here on Vancouver Island. ----just a little ornery some times.
  8. buzzes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Now that makes sense!! Thanks gentlemen!
  9. buzzes

    The KTM 200 Club

    Thanks Mike, They do seem to behave more predictably right after I bleed them, but the behaviour doesn't last for long. ---maybe air tanks are the key.-----------who makes them? Mike, how much newer of a 200 does one need to go to truley benefit from all the tech./progress?----------suspension particularly
  10. buzzes

    The KTM 200 Club

    I have an awesome little 2002 MXC. 1) Anyone have any tips on imroving the fork action? It's been valved and rebuilt but still has a nasty deflection habit. At speed it seems to almost lock up on square edged hits. Especially if I'm cornering at all at the time. 2) IF I was to replace her with another 200, what years are best?---besides 09&10 Cheers,
  11. buzzes

    Riding with your wife

    My wife's TTR125LE has been through two sets of hand guards, and one set of tires in her first season. If I ride with a smooth style and calm vibe she will ride all day. If I tell her the technical single track ahead was successfully ridden by her the week before, she just HITS IT!!---until she learned of my missleading technique. OTherwise, same as any other riding partner (except for the obvious benefits) and I ride new trail first, she rides her favorite tracks up front. Working on what the next bike will be. She;s 5'4" and very athletic.---------does not want a tall bike AT ALL Get them addicted and they will push YOU to ride more!!!
  12. Searched, no luck. Can one buy a 08 250XC and add an electric start from the "e" model? Looking to upgrade to modern suspension and e start on a budget. (proud 2002 200MXC rider)
  13. Good to hear you guys enjoy the cross over sport of MTBing Many of the top downhill mountain bike racers here, actually train on moto to increase their comfort with speed etc. I lived in Whistler for 4 years and it was the bike park that made me crave motorcycles again. by the way: On most downhill tracks that were open to MTB and Dirtbikes, we easily passed dirt bikes on mountainbikes. ---weird huh?!?
  14. buzzes

    Winter gas disposal

    Thanks for all the help. I will drain carb and try it out and hope for the best! Whistler doesn't let us have bonfires.---especially petrol fueled ones. Great idea though!