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  1. the power lines yep miles of sugar sand whoops and miles of trials you ever ride hard rock
  2. VINNIE 85

    Some track pics from otcmx.com

    man do I miss New York nice track way nicer than most of my local tracks and I like the elevation changes the most I get down here is the water tower at Hard Rock or drive three hours up to fast track or county line in Tallahassee
  3. VINNIE 85

    Check out my new Excels!

    looks good great choice on the rad hubs I have a pair love em and the spokes are made by rad too http://www.radmfg.com/
  4. VINNIE 85

    Inexpensive boots????

    I would spend a little more now or pay a lot later. have a pair of tech 10s,tech 8s and the Gaerne SG10. I like all three boots for different reasons but over all price,wear and protection the sg10 is the best. Broke in fast and fair price $300 is a lot cheaper then a hospital visit it only takes one little mistake and your done
  5. VINNIE 85

    Thanx to Miami motocross

    don't know the county is trying to shut down gatorback so i havent been going out there much i not trying to hurt the owners chance of keeping the track
  6. VINNIE 85

    Whats your number?

    85 its my FTR number
  7. VINNIE 85

    Thanx to Miami motocross

    I ride hard rock in Ocala a bunch,Bostwick,pax track, waldo is like 10 min from my house and I try to go practice out at gatorback once a week this is also only 10 mins from my house and sometimes I take a trip to bithlo for the weekend I try once a month to take a trip to a track the is a little far away next weekend I will be up at county line MX in Tally
  8. VINNIE 85

    Thanx to Miami motocross

    If you live in Florida i suggest that you check out this track it was very well maintained and groomed and lots of good people it is a very fun track that suites all types of riders and it has a really fun 98 foot double and thanx to Griff and friends for letting my buddy and I ride after hours if your ever in Gainesville let me know i will take you to the local spots http://www.miamimxpark.com/ track pics http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=4241703&blogID=242701670&MyToken=10d0d406-9546-450a-85b5-5f9ad02ef916 http://THodgdon.photosite.com
  9. VINNIE 85

    David knight...

    that sucks
  10. VINNIE 85

    Race Day Gone Bad....

    where are the flaggers o I know they where to busy watching the race i see to many races where the flaggers are looking at what is going on everywhere else on the track but where the are standing
  11. VINNIE 85

    Hard Labor Creek Hare Scramble

    nice pics it makes me wish i had gone to that hare scramble that was # 10 right well i will be at # 12
  12. VINNIE 85

    Huge Whip

  13. VINNIE 85

    I think it was interestin

    quads are tractors and this is proof
  14. VINNIE 85

    Daytona SX pics

    I was at that Race to I got Kevin windham to sign my hat nice pics