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  1. Ride Far

    Renazco Seat Arrived!

    +10 on the Renazco seat! I received mine in June 08 and have been blown away by how comfortable this seat is. I've been an Airhawk seat pad user for years. The Airhawk is a terrific product, but so far I've had no need for it with the Renazco seat. The most miles I've done in a day with the Renazco is I guess like 200, all pavement. Like I say, incredibly comfortable. I'm riding the DR cross-country in September and will put the Renazco to a serious comfort test with 500+ mile days ... I'm bringing the Airhawk just in case, but will pack it in luggage to start and see how the Renazco feels after a few long days in the saddle. Agreed, Chris does great work. Thanks Chris!
  2. I don't, but I know a guy who does. They work & fit fine together on the DR. We did a few days of off-roading in Nevada and his Dirt Bagz really stayed in place well with the mounting system. Hope this helps ~~
  3. Ride Far

    Carby mod to suit 33 litre Aqualine tank

    I had my carb in a vise overnite and let the inlet pipe connection steep in Liquid Wrench. Actually getting it to move was nerve-wracking and took a LOT of force. Finally, it gave way just slightly -- you can feel it give. I removed from vise, examined, and repeated the procedure about four times until I had it where I wanted it (9 o'clock, which has worked fine). It gets a little easier once the first movement is made. To anyone doing this, it's important to have the inlet pipe precisely positioned in the vise -- so the pipe/carb connection point is as flush and tight and possible in the vise and the force you exert cannot kink it. Fiddling around with rubber pieces I was using to protect the pipe, on one of the turns I didn't position the pipe/carb connection fully flush and tight against the vise -- off by probably 2 mm. That was enough to kink it just slightly, not a big deal but doh! & lesson learned. Man, I dunno ... check an online fiche, maybe get a carb from a parted-out DR and give it a try.
  4. Ride Far

    Oil Cooler

    Hey guys. Anyone have a recommendation on what sort of hose is best for an emergency oil cooler bypass? Thanks ~~
  5. Ride Far

    Alaska checklist

    Dual-Star sells lexan headlite guards for the DR for $12.95 -- not a bad price IMHO. It's full cover adhesive with no velcro. http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Brand/Suzuki/suzuki_liteguard.htm I had one on my KLR and they work. The headlite lens got shattered by a rock but remained intact in spider web style along with a working bulb. $12.95 well spent!
  6. Ride Far

    Can Someone suggest a Skid Plate

    I installed this SW Motech plate from Twisted Throttle over the weekend -- it's sleek and smartly engineered and fastens up perfectly. At 3 mm it's thinner than the typical 4 mm bashplate and as the manufacturer states is designed for "medium duty." Of course that means some weight savings as well ... I'm a happy customer.
  7. Ride Far

    What is the best GPS for a bike?

    The Garmin eTrex Vista HCx gets my vote over the 60CSx. The eTrex is smaller and lighter (2 ounces but hey ounces matter if you're touring offroad) and has virtually all the same features as the 60CSx (except those all-important tide tables)... Yeah, the 60CSx has a cool G.I. Joe look ... maybe that's why is priced $100 higher than the eTrex! My eTrex Vista has taken a beating over many many miles and never flinched. Excellent unit available nowadays for about $225.
  8. Ride Far

    Anyone have a 2008 dr650?

    2008 about a month ago before mods got under way. That's my trusty Airhawk pad on the seat ...
  9. Ride Far

    Carby mod to suit 33 litre Aqualine tank

    Hey guys. Like others I’m unable to use all the fuel in my 7.9 gallon Aqualine Safari tank -- sputters out beneath the reserve line. I’m planning to do this mod. But first, since this thread hasn’t been updated in six months, any new reports from anyone who's done it? Or other tips... BTW, do any Aqualine owners not have this problem? Thanks DRpilot for the pix.
  10. Ride Far

    Header Paint Flaking Off ?

    Bought a new '08 two weeks ago and after an inaugural 150-mile ride found this: I don't mean to be picky, but that shouldn't happen! The bike is stock, no pipe or rejet (yet). Suzuki must have some variation in process or materials that makes the flaking issue show up on some bikes and not others. What do you guys think, should this be covered under warranty? It's not that big of a deal ... but still ... That or the Staintune system or a Jesse header ...
  11. Ride Far

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    Good bike choice. I rode a KLR 650 to Tierra del Fuego and back (thru Brazil ) and in sand and mud (Honduras, Bolivia, Argentina) wished I was on something smaller and lighter. Now I'm looking at a DRZ for Africa ... Heated grips are key. It's cold in the Andes @ 15,000 feet. I rode thru snow a few times. Buy maps in advance over the Web. A good map can be very, very hard to find in Latin America. Berndtson & Berndtson (aka Borch) maps are great -- laminated for durability. BTW, eight months and 30K miles in Latin America I was never threatened nor robbed, and was asked for a bribe just once ... by a Bolivian border guy who suggested I pay a little extra. I told him I'd need a receipt and he dropped it. Later I realized he'd asked for the equivalent of a U.S. nickel!! IMHO, packing a weapon in a foreign country is a good way to either get yourself shot, or spend the rest of your life in a foreign prison for murder.
  12. Great replies, thanks guys … looks like the DRZ400S wins it based on running 87 octane and not being high strung like the WR45F & CRF450. Was sitting on a DRZ at the stealership yesterday… nice. Husky might be good but concerned about parts availability in Africa. Thanks for the tip on the bigger IMS tank in the pipeline. Actually I’m looking at the 7.4 gallon (28 liter) tank from Aussie manufacturer Safari. Teaming up with a friend here and we’ll ride from San Francisco to New York and fly the bike to Paris or Madrid and from there a boat over the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. Definitely buying the DRZ here to get it geared up with mods and luggage – lockable Givi top case hard-bolted on rear rack, Ortlieb waterproof side panniers. Doing the mods is half the fun … well, sort of … at least it beats studying French! Another other ideas welcome. Thanks again.
  13. Hey boys. First post, dumb question. I want a 400-450cc dirt bike to ride Africa – Morocco to South Africa, and north to Cairo. Ten months and 25,000 miles in all, much of it in BFE. Bikes that look good for this adv: Yamaha WR450F Suzuki DR-Z 400 Honda CRF450 Which do you think is best for this rip? I'm a veteran rider but don’t know much about dirt bikes. I don’t care about comfort. I don’t care about street legal aspects and don’t mean to open up that debate. What I am concerned about is: Overall durability: About 25,000 miles, 70% of it in BFE dirt, mud, and sand. Tough going but a modest pace given I’ll be packing luggage. Frequency of oil changes & other maintenance: Would the Yamaha and Honda need more frequent oil changes than the Suzuki DR-Z, being more finely tuned race-oriented machines? More finicky than the DR-Z? Anybody know the oil change frequency specs on these bikes? This is Dirt Bikes for Dummies, and I’m a dummy… Weight: The Suzuki weighs in at 291 pounds, vs. 246 for the Yamaha and 250 for the Honda. A knock on the Suzuki – but … Anything else? I’m not so concerned about speed & track tricks but overall durability and good maneuverability in mud, sand, and dirt – or the best compromise possible. At first blush I like the Yamaha WR450F but concerned it will require a lot of TLC. If the DR-Z requires less TLC I suppose I can eat the extra 45 pounds … yuck … I rode a KLR 650 30,000 miles thru Central & South America, and at 331 pounds dry and geared up with a ton of aluminum panniers it was a PIG in sand and mud. And a Honda V65 Sabre to AK... no way that road king sees Africa... For Africa I want a lighter bike and will be using fabric panniers not aluminum and toting less gear. Light makes right! Thanks in advance ~~