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  1. THANK YOU!!! have a great weekend!
  2. Hey - Can you, or anyone, give us a link to the Semi Tire lube(s) etc. Just so I know I am in the right general area on that. I am getting ready to get my 1st set of Nitro MOUSE!! - They are now mice to me!! awesome! I bought a tire changer from RMATVMC and 4 big ass tire irons too. I have watched probably 10 hours or youtube videos now! I love MEG BRAAPS!!! She is fantastic! My guess is you need to pull them off once in a while just to re-lube them - for longer life etc. That is my plan - I am going into the fix my down damn tires business finally!!! No more 10 gallon buckets here man!! Thank you for any info - I am too lazy to google that sheit!! good thread guys!!.... - johney
  3. gartchen

    2017 XCF 350 - Starting Issues

    hey there, Last check-in in on this! I was able to get my bike out all weekend. Works fantastic! (now I need a better relay for my heart and lungs though!! lol) YOU GUYS ROCK!! Have a great Summer!
  4. gartchen

    2017 XCF 350 - Starting Issues

    $14 and change at the Husky dealership right up the street. Same item on on the 17 husky of course. Came home put it on and I’m pretty confident it’s already better. Running around the yard, ran around the block warmed it up changing oil randomly started it here in there turn it off and started it again for the last couple hours and so far it seems 100% better. I’ll take it out this weekend and see what it does. Just wanted to say thank you again you guys I was really really frustrated. Hopefully this is it :-)
  5. gartchen

    2017 XCF 350 - Starting Issues

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am headed out right now to try in town - than i will go RMATVMC! You rock Man!!!
  6. gartchen

    2017 XCF 350 - Starting Issues

    JEFF, AWSOME - I just went and pulled mine out - CAN I GET IT AT NAPA ETC - OR GO MC SHOP / OEM ETC? THANKS - GOING TO GET a couple either way!! Very helpful!!
  7. gartchen

    2017 XCF 350 - Starting Issues

    Can you tell me how to test the FUEL PUMP RELAY in the airbox off the top of your head? My bike is doing the EXACT SAME THING. Starts amazing in the shop etc etc. than boom - weird weird...pisses me off!
  8. gartchen

    Evel Live 2

    ahhh - yeah it was a KTM....honestly did not even see the (any) bike the 1st few times I saw the picture......heheh brrrrrp
  9. gartchen

    Evel Live 2

    Last one was fun for sure. It did drag on definitely. Being a child of the 70’s I absolutely love all of the nostalgia for evil Knievel. I also live in Montana, so there’s this big local hero worship thing going on there too. I met Travis Pastrana one time at the very first red bull straight rhythm. He’s like a planet with his own orbit. So I actually sat down and watched that last show and loved every minute of it even though again I think it dragged on. But, I do think Vicky is &%$#@!ing awesome. Regardless of how she does in the overall that girl is amazing on a dirtbike and I think she’s hot! I love to watch Tara Geiger ride and do what she does on a dirtbike. ( and damn did she look good naked and that Honda for Sports Illustrated or whatever the hell that was ) The blond girl, Jolene, that rides for nitro Circus is also amazing. But for some reason Vicky golden has always been a motorcross/freestyle/Supercross and all of the things associated with the kind of motor sports I like. So no matter what she does I think she’s pretty freaking awesome. she doesn’t golf from the women’s tee. and I’m guessing on her bad days she could whip every One here straight up on any Motocross track! hope the show is good! Hey, did you notice there’s a tie for the 450 off-road motorcross championship right now.....awsooooome
  10. gartchen

    Selling Entire Collection of Motorcycles

    that’s a really interesting group of motorcycles. I wonder if you might change your wording so that someone won’t feel so guilty making you an offer. I certainly don’t want to take advantage of anybody’s window? I would hope that nobody would take advantage of mine under similar circumstances?
  11. gartchen

    How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate

    very cool!! Nice work and thank you for sharing!!!
  12. gartchen

    I'm a Tomac fanboy for now...

    whatever you do, wash your hands! ...She was a mixture or OEM and aftermarket parts. Obviously, the aftermarket top end but I believe her lower cases were all Factory OEM though judging by the deep note of her exhaust.....
  13. gartchen

    I'm a Tomac fanboy for now...

    Comic-con at the Davits Center in Manhattan (NYC) about 10 years ago. Literally thousands and thousands of people in costume, my son included (he was Spiderman). This particular picture was a nice "LADY" who stood about 6'3" and spoke in a deep baritone! lol...good times!
  14. gartchen

    I'm a Tomac fanboy for now...

    you could have had them put on his ET3 "supercross" cast too...... .....................................................you know the white background cast with the black number 3......... 😉 ..I don't think they make a RED cast for him in that series!! Or at least he hasn't been able to find one yet!! Feel better soon!!! brrrrrrrrp
  15. gartchen

    KC66 Edition Hydration Pack!