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  1. supercross

    OK, I need to get your mind off my tossed salad and back on track
  2. supercross

    from the feedback I’m receiving here it seems like I should be....lolo, do you have any? I’ll try watching him again next week and see what happens. But to quote George Castanza....” it’s not you it’s me” red bud 2017
  3. I was lucky enough to see him ride in the little town of Corvallis Montana. It was probably sometime around 1978 or 79? He was on a Maico I think? Both Magoo and Johney O’Mara showed up to race the Yamaha gold cup series. O’Mara was on the Mugin Honda I think. Chuck Sun showed up and rode on a 500. These guys were so stupid fast that they should’ve just let them race each other and kept the other fools off the track. Danny Chandler was unreal. Whiping the bike all over the place doing crazy big jumps and it look like he was partying and having a good time the whole time. Unbelievable.
  4. I was just wondering if it was just me? I just watched race day live for the first time in quite a while. Jim Holly and Daniel Blair seem to really really not like each other? Their on air chemistry is awful. Very tense and uncomfortable to say the least. It kind of feels like that tension at a bad family Thanksgiving dinner, feels just think it might break out in a fight at any second? Is it just me? Or do you guys get that sense as well? I edited this post to add a picture from Redbud 2017! Two of the nicest looking things in the pits there for sure. Trey canard’s bike and Mrs. RD5
  5. Time Left: 6 days and 11 hours

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    hello and thank you for looking. this is a basically brand new set of super Moto wheels and tires. They have less than 100 miles on them. this is a complete set with a rear sprocket they are mounted and balanced and ready to go. You'll just need to add rotors. The cost new for the entire set up was almost exactly $1000. See the pictures below for the wheels from eBay and the tires from online. Additionally there are new tubes and the rear sprocket as you see in the pictures is nearly new. Front tire is 120/60 17" Rear tire is 150/60 17" tires are both Michelin pilot power 2CT. they are DOT legal and radial. The wheels come with spacers. Currently the rear wheel has larger axle spacers. It was mounted on a 2013 KTM 450 XCF. you can use the OEM spacers from a KTM XCW and these will work also. The wheels are currently located in Billings Montana. Please call or text 406861 nine four three five or pm me here etc. I can ship the set for $ 30 I can take paypal etc etc


  6. I don't speak Japanese but that was freaking awesome. Tim Giser with the shortcut but drafting for the win. It looked like a pit bike race. Remember, especially all you douche bags that ruined this free great forum, motorcycles,are supposed to be fun! Merry Christmas!!!!
  7. Holy cow, your picture, that is so cool. Not just the trials bike and all that but in the back it up with all the deer wow I have just enough backyard I could be dangerous with an electric bike and the neighbors would never know. I'm just waiting for them to come down in price enough that I can get one to play with. I'm hoping that KTM will do the trials electric before they go gas.
  8. honda - yamaha - etc - no matter the fine details right now - it will all come out in the comps and tests. BUT damn - it is an exciting time - seeing electric start from Yamaha and Honda - TPI 2 strokes, new Zukes etc etc. Now bring down the weight and the COST :-) after 2008 - this is ALL GOOD STUFF. mis-steps on some changes...... sure, but at least trying to move the tech forward!! brrrrrrrp
  9. THANK YOU guys!!! I really appreciate the feedback. I will definiely head up there when I get to (if I get to) Michigan :-) Hopefully I will have some pics to post! Have a great day!!!
  10. Incompetent flagger (s) no matter what. Damn fools - there is always something they could do to help, always. Keep folks off the rider, the bike, change the flow etc etc. I saw this similar thing at a local race a couple years ago. Very simple wreck turned into a broken leg because someone did not know what to do or did not care enough to do it. Even the most aggressive riders will yield to a good flagger, every time. Ok , maybe not CR22 on a BLUE !! Very bush league stuff
  11. Hey guys - dumb question. I "MIGHT" be working right up the street from this race next weekend. I have been lucky enough to have this happen a couple times in the past - Daytona Supercross and Red Bull Straight Rhythm. I just "showed up" at both and it was easy to get in , buy a ticket etc. If I just show up to Red Bud for the race, would I be able to get in/buy a ticket etc. I am driving my 1 ton work truck with a sleeper. If I show up on Friday, is it possible to get a place to park? I did call the track, but just get a machine (which makes sense). I am always leary of buying tickets online because I am not 100% sure I will actually be in town for the race. I won't know if I could actually go until sometime LATE this Thursday. I don't mind paying more to get in at the gate over getting some deal online etc. Thanks for any input.
  12. Supercross

    he was so absolutely unbelievably awesome in the whoops last night. I honestly can't remember ever seen anything quite like it where it didn't look like he was moving up and down at all most of the time I have seen both of the Stewart brothers go to the whoops incredibly fast at straight rhythm but I have never seen anything like what Chad was doing last night in that large and that long of a whoop section EVER . I don't think it matters one way or the other who wins I don't care anyway, but that was friggin awesome
  13. Mike TOO TALL Bell. Met him at the Seattle Supercross He signed my helmet!! sweet!! also Hanna - Broc and a couple others..
  14. Motocross

    thank you for posting up this thread. It's a shame there was no way for us to watch it. I recently saw Ryan suratt race in person, crazy check out his bike on his twitter - wow he just recently switched from Yamaha to Honda so I'm not sure they had a two-stroke for him very cool for Mike Alessi really hope we get to see some video
  15. Motocross

    I wanted to add also, I was fortunate enough to see Johnny O on A Mugen Honda and Danny Chandler on his Maico at a local track when I was in eighth grade. Johney O Wearing his JT gear with over the boot JT gators and Magoo was a mad man, crazy fast and fun to watch. I am not particularly nostalgic, but a story like this sure makes it all come back. Thank you again