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  1. gartchen

    2018 MX High Point Benchracing - Rd 4

    In the second Moto, Barcia’ bike sounded like the muffler fell offOr even a cracked header. It definitely didn’t sound like the rev limiter when he went by. He looks so good in that first Moto I didn’t see him get swapped up in those steps.. He definitely looks consistent with those other guys were just on a different level today. The biggest bummer of the day I thought, was Blake Bagget. I love watching him right and he just had a terrible day with this starts in that first moto crash kr94 Was so smooth. Watching him get that hole shot was very cool. He is definitely getting to be a fan favorite. I saw him pull shot the Daytona Supercross on at 3:50 KTM right in front of Andrew short a few years ago. It was very exciting.
  2. gartchen

    2018 MX High Point Benchracing - Rd 4

    Marvin and Eli kept crossing in those steps. I thought he had him Moto 2 I have some great video of it from behind them but I can’t get it to post off my iPad just yet ....... not sure I mentioned it, it was really freaking hot!
  3. gartchen

    Aaron Plessinger is on another level

    Watching him on the very far end of the track they came down a big jump and then there was a big G out at the bottom. He was just so smooth in these great big ruts and you can tell his height is an advantage for sure. Moto one today at High Point, he was amazing. The way he was flowing on the big jumps and on the track in general made it look like he was on a 450 and not a 250. J mart absolutely had his number in the second Moto. Until he went down right in basically the first turn and broke something on his bike. He had all of them covered no worries . But watching AP get past Forkner and then stretch it out a bit was really cool to see. I am so amazed by their fitness, all of them, it was so damn hot. Just watching for 30 minutes was almost exhausting :-) AP is going to be as they say “wicked fast “when it comes to the 450 bikes .....
  4. thank you for all the feedback to my questions. That was awesome! I loved red bud, but this is a whole different thing. The viewing was way better here you could really move around and see all of the track real easily. I think they called it the stairs basically some big old rhythm rollers right after the first set of turns. That was my favorite set by far. I didn’t even have to throw elbows to get to the fence and most every section I went to. There was one &%$#@! he told me I couldn’t stand there so I just ignored him but other than that it was easy PEZ to get up front and right near the track. $45 for the whole day. Very cool "................. it was freaking hot! ..didn’t do the pit pass like last time since I just done it I figured save the 50 bucks :-) but really got to walk around went back in the trees walked all of the Fenceline tons of people great great PA system and really good racing. Much closer than the last time I saw an outdoor nationals
  5. gartchen

    2018 MX High Point Benchracing - Rd 4

    damn. great racing today! this was such a cool track as a spectator. You can see the whole damn thing from one place. Easy to get to the fence anywhere on the track pretty much. Didn’t have to throw elbows except for one &%$#@!! but damn, It was freaking hot! Was loving the race in the 450 class. ap 23 Rocked the first Moto and it was a bummer to see JM6 go down in moto 2 That new Yamaha guy, Cooper is going to be a force going forward. It was really really cool to see Dylan Ferandis back so fast also. I love this section the best, I think they called it the steps of the stairs? Big set a monster rhythm rollers about three terms in. DD winning the 125 race. That was so freaking cool. They were making most of the big jumps. Ham and Wilbur put on one hell of a show. Just overall super racing, lots of great battles, great spectator areas, super PA system. And plenty of parking. and plenty of the hotties too :-) happy day
  6. Holy cow, I don’t care what the guys over at vital say about you guys I think they’re wrong :-) This information is really really helpful and I sincerely appreciate your time to type it out for me. I’m definitely going to head up that way tonight and swing in and watch the races tomorrow. I was lucky enough to be driving by Daytona a few years ago, then in Michigan last year and now this one so I’m really looking forward to it. brrrrrrrrrrrrrppp
  7. hey there, it’s only a little bit out of my way to go to this race on my driving / current work trip. Last year I was really fortunate and took the time to swing in and watch the Redbud race which was unreal. So a couple of questions to you guys. ...do you think I’ll have any trouble getting a ticket if I show up tomorrow morning without purchasing my tickets today? I know at Redbud it was never a problem there were plenty of tickets for everything. Just not sure if this venue is much smaller etc. ... Is this a good spectator track? Since I’m by myself I can walk around and go where I like but is it good viewing if you’re there on site?. basically, is it a good fan/fun experience as far as outdoor nationals go? .... I Drive a large duel wheel pick up With a 22 foot enclosed trailer. Should I be OK as far as parking goes? I don’t need camping just somewhere I can get turned around etc. thank you for any feedback
  8. gartchen

    RACE DAY LIVE = awkward!!

    OK, I need to get your mind off my tossed salad and back on track here.....lol
  9. gartchen

    RACE DAY LIVE = awkward!!

    from the feedback I’m receiving here it seems like I should be....lolo, do you have any? I’ll try watching him again next week and see what happens. But to quote George Castanza....” it’s not you it’s me” red bud 2017
  10. gartchen


    I was lucky enough to see him ride in the little town of Corvallis Montana. It was probably sometime around 1978 or 79? He was on a Maico I think? Both Magoo and Johney O’Mara showed up to race the Yamaha gold cup series. O’Mara was on the Mugin Honda I think. Chuck Sun showed up and rode on a 500. These guys were so stupid fast that they should’ve just let them race each other and kept the other fools off the track. Danny Chandler was unreal. Whiping the bike all over the place doing crazy big jumps and it look like he was partying and having a good time the whole time. Unbelievable.
  11. I was just wondering if it was just me? I just watched race day live for the first time in quite a while. Jim Holly and Daniel Blair seem to really really not like each other? Their on air chemistry is awful. Very tense and uncomfortable to say the least. It kind of feels like that tension at a bad family Thanksgiving dinner, feels just think it might break out in a fight at any second? Is it just me? Or do you guys get that sense as well? I edited this post to add a picture from Redbud 2017! Two of the nicest looking things in the pits there for sure. Trey canard’s bike and Mrs. RD5
  12. gartchen

    Fryday fun

    I don't speak Japanese but that was freaking awesome. Tim Giser with the shortcut but drafting for the win. It looked like a pit bike race. Remember, especially all you douche bags that ruined this free great forum, motorcycles,are supposed to be fun! Merry Christmas!!!!
  13. gartchen

    Why KTM hasn't entered the Trials Market?

    Holy cow, your picture, that is so cool. Not just the trials bike and all that but in the back it up with all the deer wow I have just enough backyard I could be dangerous with an electric bike and the neighbors would never know. I'm just waiting for them to come down in price enough that I can get one to play with. I'm hoping that KTM will do the trials electric before they go gas.
  14. gartchen

    2018 crf250

    honda - yamaha - etc - no matter the fine details right now - it will all come out in the comps and tests. BUT damn - it is an exciting time - seeing electric start from Yamaha and Honda - TPI 2 strokes, new Zukes etc etc. Now bring down the weight and the COST :-) after 2008 - this is ALL GOOD STUFF. mis-steps on some changes...... sure, but at least trying to move the tech forward!! brrrrrrrp
  15. gartchen


    THANK YOU guys!!! I really appreciate the feedback. I will definiely head up there when I get to (if I get to) Michigan :-) Hopefully I will have some pics to post! Have a great day!!!