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  1. 125pitbikerz

    Yamaha 2001 Raptor 660 carb problems.

    i gotta 2001 raptor 660....i was hoping to find a diagram of the carb but i cant seem to find one. i needa fix my choke so if you could plz help...thanks a lot and have a great day.
  2. 125pitbikerz

    is this a good choice?

    looks like a bbr to me...not positive...
  3. I go to get my pitbike out the other day...So i start it up and ride around my track for a lil while. Then i go to give it gas but it bogs down..then i realize the back rotor is like fiery hot..so i leave it sit for awhile and then it like goes back to normal..so i ride it and it does the same thing all over again about every 10 minutes. What should i do? Why does it keep locking up? thanks
  4. 125pitbikerz

    How about a Cannondale 440???

    Im tryin to get another four wheeler..So this dude emails me and tells me hes got a cannondale 440..im like ok..Then i got on this chat and someone told me they are the biggest POS ever. Is that true at all? Its a 2002 Cannondale 440..he wants 2000 for it. Should i do it?
  5. 125pitbikerz

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    i got a 2003 crf150 and i drag raced my friends dad on his streetbike and my bike maxed out at 62mph on the rev limiter.