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  1. kelloggss

    Can I bend aluminum

    Aluminum will always break if you don't cover it with the black smoke from acetylene. I have over 30 years of welding experience and own a fabrication shop.
  2. kelloggss

    Can I bend aluminum

    Yes you can bend aluminum but you must follow a few steps. 1st you have to anneal the aluminum. Take an oxy/ acetylene torch and light it with only the acetylene. Turn torch down so it is producing the nasty black smoke, then cover the area to be heated with the torch turning everything black with a coat of black, then adjust torch with oxygen as you were going to cut, heat the area to be bent but be careful that you don't heat it too much then slowly bend piece back. It will only work if you anneal the aluminum first with the black smoke. You will know it is hot enough to when the black disappears when you are heating part.
  3. kelloggss

    Crf50 cutting out when landing a jump

    Could be trash in bottom of carb bowl getting upset.
  4. kelloggss

    Small crack in crankcase cover

    That would be an easy quick weld repair, drain all oil, slightly bevel crack with thin grinding disk, clean with acetone, weld with aluminum mig gun.
  5. Adjust mixture scew unroll popping goes away, if it does not solve the problem then you may need to change the jet size
  6. It is most likely aluminum, clean it with acetone and weld the crap out of it. Should be fine.
  7. I have an xr100r for my daughter. I am looking for a new carb and find lots of aftermarket carbs on eBay for around 25-30 dollars. And then there are some For 175.00,300, and 1,250.00 . anyone have experience with the cheaper carbs? Are they any good? Why such a big price difference?
  8. kelloggss

    Suspension rebuild shop in WNC

    Wayahutta in cullowhee is about the only place close to waynesville, If you have dual sport with tags then down around Hurricane creek in the gorge, most of the forest service roads have we been shut down in Jackson county, there are endless 4 wheeler trails around on ridge tops,
  9. Does anyone know a good shop that rebuilds suspension near Asheville, NC? Thought there was a guy near Hickory that does good work but don't know who. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. kelloggss

    Legality of riding in Pisgah National Forest

    I know they have put up a camara on Moses creek off Caney Fork at the gate. Gate is usually open during summer but they close it Dec thru April.
  11. kelloggss

    Legality of riding in Pisgah National Forest

    Jackson county has tons of forest service roads ,caney fork has tons,I have rode every road,trail,pig trail,grown up n road,etc in this area,they have closed caney fork pretty much since,I have never ran into anyone while on a "gated,humored up grown up etc. Only once and I was sitting at the end of the state Road taking a break totally legal. The fine is 5000, they can also confiscate your bike, only a few wardens so it is not likely you will get caught but the chance is there,knowing where to go and not is the most important. I don't condone ridding off trail but I have been known to .lol
  12. kelloggss

    looking offroad trails to ride in Smokey Mountains

    Wayahutta OHV in cullowhee,lots of "Hidden"locals stuff also .
  13. kelloggss

    Bump to B next year?

    I am in a hare scramble circuit here where I live.I had an acl tear a few years ago and am just getting back into racing.There is this guy in my c class before that I was faster than according to lap times and race finishes,He has continued to race and I am sure he has gotten a lot faster and I have been looking at his lap times and he is winning 1st and 2cd place every race this season.I had my accident about 4-1/2 yeas ago and this guy is in the same class.I would consier him a sand bagger especially if he doesnt move up to B class next year. I would say that if you are in the top 5 finishers in every race of the season then it would be a good time to move up start of the next season.No one likes a sandbagger.
  14. kelloggss

    Newbee Trail Riding Question

    I would have to say the person going Up hill would have the right of way as it would be harder for that person to get started again.The bikes coming down hill should stop up against the bank and lean over to let the up hill rider keep moving. That is my opinion. I live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and when on a one lane gravel road the one traveling in a vehicle up hill most of the time has the right away. most folks around here understand this concept however I have encountered people coming down the hill that doesnt want to stop and 100 % of the time they are from another state (Flat lands) as we say.
  15. kelloggss

    2000 KLR 650 for $1200?

    Found a decent 2000 KLR 650 for sale,Widow selling bike,says he took really good care and always maintained it with the best of everything. I checked it out and after a little battery charging it fired up, It has been about a year since it ran but she had put Stabil in the gas. It ran fine, No engine noise,no smoke,It did act a little sluggish but Guess that may be just the old gas?. It has hard saddle bags quick detach and also the large soft bags quick detach, A scotts oiler, Supertrap exhaust,highway bars,and dont really know if any mods have been done . It has 16000 miles and could use a good cleaning.It also comes with tank bag, Clymer manuals,owners manual,extra gaskets, etc. Never had a Kawasaki and know nothing about the bikes. Would $ 1200 be a fair price? Anything I should Look for on these bikes? Etc. Thanks for the feed back.