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    STOLEN BIKE Portland, OR

    bummer man, My kids bike is still missing from July 4th or 5th. Was a 07 YZ450 with The white and gray. #6 no rear fender. Exhaust was damaged and they took the blue stand too. My kid finally got a loan on his own and finally could call it His Own. He rode it 4 times then GONE! The thing is I know who did it. Still can't do a damn thing. The thief borrowed his neigbors ramp on that day, A guy I Sorta knew said the thief wanted him to help him take it. I went to his house and his G-ma said G-son used the ramp from the neighbor to get help his friend load a broken bike. I asked her,,What color was this bike?? >>She said White!< Out of all the colors, an old lady (with no hesitation) picks WHITE? Then when I confront the G-son and tell him that in front of her she changes her story. My wife let him in my back yard to help her mow the grass and pull weeds the day b-4. I believe it ended up in Hermiston. The damaged rear fender was in my garage and only he and my wife, besides me knew where it was, Not even my son knew where it was. And the idiot took that too. So that's how I knew. I confronted him with that too. I checked everywhere in my yard for clues and didn't see the fender when the bike was missing and Guess what ? The moron tossed back over my fence a few days later. (I shouldnt have said a word.) What a punk. Pure Punk. Hope you find yours man. I know where some tweakers lay and I will look.. Peace Speed PS>> What really killed me was this>> My sons B-day was On the 8th of July
  2. Speedzone

    01yz 125 push rod?

    !st off oil I'm using is ATF type F. I dont get how a clutch works (Period) Dont know what to look for on the basket/clutch Boss or whatever else I need to look for. I changed plates/springs just cause. Put the new cable on and it seems there's no restriction when doin it manually or even with the cable on. The manual shows nothing on how the pushrod is supposed to be secure in the middle of the pressure plate. "I even called the service dept.and they said yes, that's all it does is flop around sorta in there". ((My head hurts)) All it says is Position the Rack on the push rod backward then install. When I put on the cover it sort of grabs it with the push lever axle gear but I feel no tension when moving the Push lever (the rod that goes down that has a gear that connects to the Push rod. Then it says note>>When pushing the push lever forward, the front line should be within the range of,, However wide the plate is that the Torsion Spring holds on to.. I hope I'm explaining it right. So does that mean to turn the push lever axle all the way to the right and then put the push lever on to those alignment marks,,and after that put the cable and spring on??? The bike use to grab alittle when shifting into 1st awhile ago. But after about a year not riding it feels like it grabbed more to where you can't sit in one spot at all without putting it into Neutral. Help:cry: Please. Thanks.
  3. Speedzone

    07 yzf 450

    Son just got one 2 wks ago. That white blk/gry really looks awesome. It handles great and power is smooth. Like the suspension. Trac's very well> No push. Very good in the fork department. It's very comfortable for me too. I want a Yellow/Black one>> 08 Very quiet, compared to it's 1st yr where it felt to be blasting you to outer space and you weren't even moving yet. Not intimidating at all. Great bike. I may move the clip up one.. We'll see. Speed