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  1. For reference, Bikebandit has the radiator for $289.50.
  2. When you remove the rear fender extension on the E, there are four yellow plastic mounting lugs that stick down undser the fender. I made an aluminum bracket that looks like this: [ with holes to match the ones in the tail light in the long side and one hole in each of the short sides to bolt to the two rear plastic lugs mentioned above. Also drilled three holes in the top of the fender with rubber washers between the fender and LED mountaing plate.
  3. Has anyone tried the Harbor Freight power coating rig? It's pretty cheap, but I don't know how well it works.
  4. Ouch!! Glad you're OK.
  5. Educated as mechanical engineer, worked for last 20 years as electrical engineer, now manager of engineering at a large electric utility. This is a great thread!!
  6. Anyone know the weight difference between the stock E pipe/muffler and a full Yoshi Ti system?
  7. I agree. WD-40 is definitely not a lubricant. It's more of a solvent.
  8. For those in Colorado, Elite Motorsports in Loveland had their tires on sale last week. I bought MT21 rear and Dunlop 606 front for $145 plus $18 each for mounting. Nice folks to deal with also. I would call first to see if the sale is still on. Sorry, I don't know the number.
  9. I got the Edge tail light from Wheeling Cycle Supply. It supposed to be for an S and would mount to the sub frame. Since the E doesnt have a sub frame, I had to make the bracket to mount it to the plastic fender lugs. Wheeling is a very pleasant outfit to do business with - highly recommended. You'll see a lot of confirmation about them in this forum.
  10. Here's a photo of the Edge LED tail light I installed on my 07 E. I had to make a mounting bracket that looks like this: [ out of some 3/4" by 1/16" aluminum strip from Ace Hardware. Also had to drill 3 holes in the fender. But it mounts to the existing tail piece lugs and makes a very sturdy mount to the plastic fender.
  11. Been there. Twice. But God later blessed us with two wonderful sons, who have now grown up to be fine young men. Don't try to second guess His plans, just be strong - it will all be clear some day. You are in our prayers. p.s. As a newbie on this site, I am totally impressed with the quality of folks on this forum who have responded to your your loss. God Bless, daysailor
  12. Another vote for Wheeling's excellent customer service. I ordered the Edge taillight and received it in less than a week. Unfortunately, one of the other items ordered was missing. A quick call to Wheeling - no arguments, no questions - and the part arrived today (two days later) via FEDEX. Can't ask for any better service than that!!