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  1. DeweySr

    Cr 85 clutch problems

    There are some slight grooves in the clutch basket. I will try filing them smooth. Hopefully that will work. I did soak the plates in oil for about fifteen minutes. That is what it said to do on the clutch kit instructions. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. DeweySr

    Cr 85 clutch problems

    I have a 2006 cr 85. Recently the clutch started slipping so we replaced the clutch plates and springs. It worked good for about 2 hours and then it burnt anothet set of plates. I thought maybe it was because i bought the cheap cork plates so i went and bought a set of barnett kevlar plates. After about another hour it started slipping again. The bike went 2 years on the first clutch which i think is very good. So why all the sudden cant i get a clutch to last more than a couple hours. I always keep a little freeplay in the lever and the clutch basket shows very little wear. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. DeweySr

    To All My 06-08 250f brothers

    Are the 2007 and 2008 tg and procircuit jetting specs the same? I have a 2008 and all the specs are for the 2007 and earlier. Thanks
  4. DeweySr

    Vapor lock

    Has anyone had a problem with vapor lock. I was riding the other day and my 06 450 started cutting out. Almost trew me over the bars. Pulled n the pits and could hear a sucking sound from the gas cap. I took the one way air thing off the hose and it never cut out again. My brothers kxf 250 also makes this sucking sound from the gas cap. Any one else ever had anything like this happen. Thanks