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  1. jleggz

    Sump Plugs 2003 CRF450

    Thanks to all, yes ive seen the billy who funnel and its on my list with a number of other things which are soon to be bought, at the moment i can just about to fill it up with fuel, just bought oils and filters Many thanks for all your answers to a daft question but i didnt know and im looking forward to receiving the manual James
  2. jleggz

    Sump Plugs 2003 CRF450

    hi mate, clymer is in the post but that doesnt help me for now, lol, thanks for that, i thought they were, just used to the 2 stroke too much Thanks james
  3. jleggz

    Sump Plugs 2003 CRF450

    Sorry to ask this, just bought a 2003 Crf 450 and want to drop the oil out of both sides, just had a quick look under but didnt see the drain plugs Very sorry for this daft question James
  4. jleggz

    Newbie After A CRF 450

    thanks alot stroked, il take the exhaust idea onboard, i truly cant wait, as i now have no 2 or 4 stroke for the time being, the bike is going to be used as much as possible and where ever it willl let me take it, i am buying it to play on our local tracks but theres areas near me which it will be used more on, i.e fields and wooded areas, i was worried about the slow riding of it but it sounds ok, my maintenace is up to scratch so i hope il be ok, ive seen oil filters on ebay UK, about £11 for 4, do you need high performance oil filters or is it quite a bit of standard equipment many thanks james
  5. jleggz

    Newbie After A CRF 450

    Hi mate, sorry about the rant but uve answered my question with it, from what ive read it sounds like the crf 450 is an out and out motocross bike and im not buying it just for that purpose, so as long as it does what i need it for it will be great, cant wait, it should be with me shortley and i will post up pics as soon as poss thanks for the reply, ( great forum ) James
  6. jleggz

    Newbie After A CRF 450

    Hi there, ive just joined the forum today and its an excellent hive of infomation, Im james and im from the UK, Im looking to buy a CRF 450, its a 2003, it has been well maintained and im getting it for a very reasonable price, my previous bikes include a maico 250, cr 250 (1993) and just recentley a Tri Z250, i now want to get back into two wheels and i loved my cr 250 but i feel i just want to go to four stroke, i dont have excellent knoledge of rebuilding bikes, only my previous 2 smokers but while i had these they were maintained to the best i could do but im willing to take on anything, the valve clearances do worry me slightley but im sure with a good manual and im sure i can pull some one better than me to help when needed. Ive read that the crf 450's get very hot and you dont want to be sitting at idle for long and that these are one of the best for the track scene, there are a few tracks near where i live and i will be atending these but we all hit the beach with them and we will try and do a bit of enduro if possible but remember im in the UK and theres not a great deal of serious places to ride enduro wise unless i travel, but im buying this as a hobby toy, i will be riding fast but we might be riding slow too, its not always gonna be ridden on the button and im wondering are these happy running at low revs or are they just pure hack machines many thanks, sorry about the huge post James