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  1. DanPorges

    new 450F GP class

    I may be truly insane, but I want to convert my SM to this for street use, it would be SICK!! Plus I already have the tires and wheels and brakes, just need to drop the front forks and retune or adjust the rear shock!
  2. DanPorges

    Cutting Throttle on Wheelies?

    I will concede its one of the easiest ones on the list of my issues to fix!! thanks guys!!
  3. DanPorges

    Cutting Throttle on Wheelies?

    I have not bypassed it yet, but would that cause this sudden of a cutout? I am usually up a pretty good ways and it just goes, but if i dont go up that far i can ride it all day.
  4. DanPorges

    Cutting Throttle on Wheelies?

    My 2006 SM with Full uncorked RS-3, 3x3, and JD Jet Kit to Eddie's specs has a bad tendancy to cut the throttle completely when I am up on one wheel. It is usually about a 10:30 wheelie and the throttle just dyes, bike comes down hard on front wheel, and bike starts going again like it didnt miss a beat. Is this something that can be easily fixed?
  5. DanPorges

    Does this fit anyones S or E?

    I have the sprocket from the rear of my bike, the 41 stock with 1100 well adjusted miles on it. I dont need it so im going to list it for sale on ebay or on here, but which bikes will it fit. Is it the same hub as the other models or is this an SM only piece?
  6. DanPorges

    16 tooth doesnt fit?

    would you happen to have their phone number or web site info?
  7. DanPorges

    16 tooth doesnt fit?

    Mine is from Sprocket Specilists and it is hitting metal, not just the plastic guard. I dont mind machining the case saver, but cutting a grove in the swingarm doesnt sound like a great idea to me.
  8. DanPorges

    16 tooth doesnt fit?

    I have searched, read the FAQs, etc. I finally went to do the sprockets and was successful yesterday. Only problem is the 16 tooth I bought for the front doesnt fit!! Am I correct that the stock gearing on my 2006 SM is 15/41? I was trying to go to a 16/38 as I know someone else on this board has done and the 16 not only interferes with the cover and brackets, but it actually rubs on the swingarm! Please help!!
  9. DanPorges

    Changing sprockets, HELP!!!

    Where is exit 2? I am all for taking all the help I can get these days, and the beer would gladly be on me. But with the stock gearing it could be tough riding on the highway very far and I dont think the bike will fit in the back of my tC.
  10. DanPorges

    Changing sprockets, HELP!!!

    HOW THE (insert curse) DO YOU GET THESE THINGS OFF???? And please people, I AM referring to the sprockets. Specifically the front one. This thing must be on with Gorilla Glue. I dont It wont turn without turning the motor or wheel either. Is there a secret method im just missing?? I understand the rear wheel needs to come off and all to do that one, but how do you handle the brake caliper with that...do you need to pry it or anything to put it back on?? Thanks, Im gonna have a pint of JD and relax till all you wonderful people provide the proverbial light bulb in my head.
  11. DanPorges

    Need Help Understanding Gearing & Sprockets

    Colson, Check out http://www.sprocketspecialists.com. I just bought my 15/39 for the SM from them and they have a WIDE range of other sizes available.
  12. DanPorges

    Massachusetts SM's?

    I was driving my cage into work today as I had to carry some computer junk, and came up behind two black SM's with numbers on their sides, 383 and 838 i think, both nearly identical with only different pipes from what I could tell. Both had red stars on their front wind screens too!! It was in Taunton, in the Myles Standish Industrial Park. I havent seen either before and I was wondering if they belonged to anyone on here.....im always looking for riding buddies!!
  13. DanPorges

    Loss of top end with yosh?

    I ran it at lunch. first with the airbox cover in place and it felt better for some reason than last night or this morning. Its 88 degrees today and was 60 last night. Could the cooler air last night have an effect like this? I thought usually cooler air made it faster? Then I pulled the airbox cover and didnt notice a big difference.....guess i will have to try a few more variables in riding temp to see whats really going on.
  14. DanPorges

    Loss of top end with yosh?

    Thanks everyone. I will try running it open at lunch today to see how it works out.
  15. DanPorges

    Loss of top end with yosh?

    Eddie, if you are around can you chime in on this as well?? I am running the 3x3, 160, 25, blue on 4th clip. In Boston so sea level.