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  1. wow man minnesota is the place!
  2. ya they said they don't have it but theyd see if they had one in stock. I talked to the guy, he said he was firm on $4,500, then he called back and said he could do $4,000, but it would be $4,600 with all the fees. I think the only way i'm buying it is if he gets the stock tank and knocks the OTD price down to $4,300, which is more than reasonable for an 09, even if it is in great shape
  3. alright, found an '09 at a dealer that supposedly has only 4 rides on it, has a desert tank, which i don't want, but an easy fix. The pics they keep sending me are to small to really tell what it looks like, but if it really has 4 rides on it, then It's in real good shape. the price is 4,600 out the door, which sounds a little steep to me, what do you guys think?
  4. people seem to be pricing the used ones pretty high, I would expect them to have a pretty high price tag
  5. mmm that thing is beautiful! Would you be willing to ship? haha just kidding, sort of... what year is that by the way?
  6. I can only keep looking for about a month, then i won't be able to take it anymore and I'll probably buy a used 450. My friend is selling his 09 yz450 for 3k, and it's in great condition, and i know he's taken care of it. That bike for only 3k is hard to pass up, but i would really love a 250, so I'll keep looking
  7. So i'm in the market for a new bike, and my budget is around 4k, but I would be able to spend around 5k if it was a really good bike. My first choice would be a YZ250, 08-10, and i can't find any in that year range. I know they haven't really changed since like 06, but I just don't want a bike older than 08 or so because they start to get pretty clapped out if there older than that. I live in southern california, so you would think that would be the biggest market of used bikes, but I can't find any! What gives? are they just so unpopular, that there aren't a lot of used ones? I would totally be willing to spend around 6k if I could get a brand new one, but all the dealers are charging around 7k for left over '11s. I could buy a 450 at that price! What are some deals you guys got on your '11s or '10s?
  8. ya they are very expensive
  9. i dont live there, my brother does, im sure he knows a few jump spots or something but ive never ridden there
  10. i live in temecula and no, i havent ridden at any of those places
  11. haha ya mountain biking is fun you should def get one
  12. thanks for the positive comments guys, any way the song is by natural incense and there a local band in isla vista(santa barbara) the only reason i know about them is from my brother who lives there
  13. ya it needs some rain becuase it is really loose but other than that its nice, thanks for the positive comments
  14. it definantly is!
  15. then heres a video for you!