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  1. matt1840

    3+ gallon tank???

    looking for a 3+ gallon tank for my 07 crf450r does anyone have one for sale? preferably the white tank i can see fuel level..
  2. matt1840

    online kx450f pdf manual???

    looking for a manual for my bike until the one i ordered gets here.. is there anything online in pdf form? 06 kx450f
  3. thanks guys i found a set.. i think its called dutch flat where i was in colfax.. gotta go through alot of locked gates, and its a good ride in, but when your there its the shit.
  4. yesterday i broke my brake and bent my clutch levers trying to climb a pretty gnarly hill out in colfax CA. Id get to the peak bike would wheelie and id topple over... after 4-5 attempts my levers were trashed.. looking to get a lever and bends back like the asv levers but not the asv price.. is there anything comparable lever wise but a bit cheaper... as it is the asv clutch/hot start combo is $95... and brake is $65. dont really wanna drop that kind of cash on levers... opinions???? its not really bike specific but im riding a 06 kx450f for anyone curious.
  5. matt1840

    post your headlight conversions...

    ok with that being said... could you point me into the right direction for low wattage led lights and the correct battery?
  6. matt1840

    post your headlight conversions...

    I reaaaally want a heatlight on my 06 kx450... BUT there are no options for a 50+ watt stator... what have you guys come up with to aid this problem? pics and info greatly appreciated.
  7. matt1840

    klx tank interchange to kxf???

    walker1008 you have a PM.
  8. matt1840

    klx tank interchange to kxf???

    ive got an 06 kxf450 and looking for larger fuel capacity, but also have the reserve petcock.. i cant find any reserve petcocks for the kxf... I am strictly a trail rider and would like to have a "heads up" when fuel is low to atleast be able to turn back towards the truck. my main question is does the klx450 tank fit the 06 kxf 450? and if they do will the kx shrouds bolt up or do i need the klx shrouds? im really wanting the 4 gallon clarke klx tank on my kxf.. pics or info would be awesome!!
  9. matt1840

    2004 xr250 valve clearance

    yesterday riding a buddy of mine his 04' xr250r started making some valve rattle noise, so im gonna do the valve adjustment for him. I do not have the clearances, are they the same as the 02?? int .004 exh .005
  10. hey guys ive been on here for a few months but just lurk around... Now i am to the point i need to raise the seat height on my 02 kx250... its just not high enough. Im 6'6" tall and the seat just isnt high enough... i look at the newer models and those are perfect!! would i be able to just swap out for longer dogbones??? Or is there somethin else im missing????
  11. matt1840

    01 kx250 crank case oil HOW MUCH??

    i didnt even think about that ill let you know.
  12. hello guys im new here and i purchased an 01 kx250. Im in the middle of doing an oil change but dont have the manual yet for the correct amount of oil to add back into the crankcase... does anyone have the answer for me??? thanks in advance