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    XRL650L new or used?

    I Just Bought A Mint 1994 With 4,000 Road Miles.all Stock Not A Scratch Or Scrape On It For 2,500. I Looked For Three Months And Was Willing To Travel 600 Miles To Get The Right Bike. Good Luck,d

    Anyone Have Experience With The Pro Circuit 496?

    i have a xr650l and it came all stock. i did daves mods and uni filter and the stock exhaust is so quiet and sounds so unlike any real motorcycle i have ever had.that is why i went with the pro circuit pipe. thanks , d
  3. I Just Purchased A Used Pro Curcuit 496 And Installed It On My Bike. The Bike I Bought It Off Had Only 1500 Miles On It. I Guess They Could Of Dissconnected The Speedo? Anyways,it Seems Pretty Loud. I Thought This Was The Quiet Pipe? I Was Wondering If It Would Be Worth It To Repack It? Does That Quiet It Down Or Will It Always Have That Big Bark When Hammered On? Thanks ,d
  4. Did The Dave's Mods To My 94 Xr650l. Also Did Valve Adjustments By The Clymers Manual. Fired The Bike Up Tonight And Now I Notice A Ticking Noise? So I Guess I Will Have To Go Back In And Adjust Them Again. Any Sugestions Or Tips Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks, Darryl In Minneapolis,mn
  5. I just purchased a 94 XR650L and until I purchase an owners manual to go w it,I need to know how to remove the seat?Also if I remove the snorkel at the top of the airbox,do i need to rejet? I have lots of uncorking to do .Thanks for all your help. this site is the best! Dabutcher
  6. Selling My Minty 1983 Xl600r Because Of Pain From Kick Starting It. I Want A Xr650r,but Might Have To Settle For A Xr650l Because Of The Injury To My Knee. Is There A Kit To Add An Electric Start To A Xr650r? Thanks Darryl In Minneapolis,mn
  7. I Have A Honda Xl600r 1983. I Had Knee Surgury And Now It Pains Me To Start It. Is There An Electric Start Kit Or Such? Also If I Have To Sell It,is There An Electric Start Kit For The Xr650r? Thanks, Dabutcher In Minneapolis.