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  1. Awesome, thanks for the help. ~Matt
  2. When everyone refers to turning the pilot screw in/out (ie 2 turns out), are you referring to a 180, or 360 degree turn. My mind keeps telling me 180 but I'm not sure this is correct. Thanks for humoring me. ~Matt
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping the piston is ok. Now I've got to drive my truck to work next week. I really don't like putting gas in that thing. If I have to dig into this thing anyways are there any aftermarket parts I can put in here to make it stronger for the future? Anyone make better valves? Would aftermarket valve springs help any, I know kpmi makes some?
  4. I just checked and both sides of the keeper are there. Just can't see it in the pic. I think the valve is just bent badly enough that the retainer is hitting. Does anyone make aftermarket valves for this thing that will take more abuse?
  5. Which retainer are you guys talking about. I looked, and this valve looks the same (has all the same parts visible) as the 3 other valves? The silver piece (which looks like an eclip, I think the parts fiche calls it a valve cotter) is the same on all valves. Either way I'm pretty sure the valve is bent so the heads coming off. I'm just hoping the piston isn't fried, when I got home it was running really hot.
  6. So I rode the DR250 up to my buddies house yesterday and it ran like a champ the whole way up. Then hours later on the ride home it would not rev past half way and had very little compression on braking. I immediately started thinking there was some kind of valve trouble. Took the inspection plate off this morning and find this. I'm guessing the valve spring retainer should not be touching the engine case:bonk:
  7. Thats exactly what I did last night and your right there is so much more to it than I ever thought. I also just read Eddie's stickied thread about pilot circuits. I need to go play with it a bit but I'm pretty sure I need to step it up a bit because I can unscrew it until I'm worried it will fall out and there is no change to idle.
  8. Thats kinda what I figured. Like I said, the bike is running real well right now, pulls full throttle no problem. Might just leave well enough alone and keep an eye on it. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Oh good, so it's both lean and rich. That makes it simpler:bonk: I will absolutely cut a plug up one of these days and find out exactly what is going on. In the mean time does it look too lean to drive to work tomorrow? I can't imagine this little 250 needing more than a 134 main. Seems like a lot of fuel. Also, any ideas on the idle circuit? It does not seem to have any effect on how the engine runs no matter how many turns I take out. Thanks
  10. The bike runs really well but I'm worried it might be a little lean. The plug overall has a nice color but the tip of the center electrode has some white on it. Also I believe the ground strap indicates the plug is a little warm (which would make sense as it's 1 warmer than stock). Also the idle circuit screw (not the throttle stop) does not appear to have any effect on idle speed. I can put it almost all the way in or out and it won't bring the rpm up or down a bit. I'm guessing it's out of it's adjustment range and needs a new idle jet? It's a DR250 with the pumper carb. Aftermarket header pipe and exhaust, opened airbox. I believe I have a 134 main in it right now. Thanks for looking.
  11. And we have a winner! I tore it back down, I think the nozzle for the accelerator pump was clogged. It's still a little weak at full throttle but I think it's a tuning issue. Just ran it around the block and it goes pretty good. Not quite as powerful as my buddies bored out klx250 (300cc) but pretty close. Thanks for the help. On a side note has anyone ever ordered anything from baja designs? I need a replacement taillight for my Acerbis plate bracket. It's only like 13 bucks but they want to charge me $12 to ship it, are their any other sources for the part? Thanks ~Matt
  12. I just bought a '92 DR250. It had sat for a few years and the carb was all clogged up. It idled just fine but if you tried to give it throttle it died. I cleaned the carb out real good and it still does it. If you roll on the throttle real slow it will rev ok, but takes a while to rev back down (ie air in system), but otherwise it just dies if you roll on too fast. One thing I noticed is that when the choke is off, the knob does not seat all the way against the rubber boot. This might be letting air in. I can understand that keeping the engine from revving down properly but does not seem like it would keep it from throttling up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.