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  1. im not sure if its the same for the 06 model but is a very useful place to find the free mods
  2. Yeah its a great all around bike just make sure you do the free mods and get the jetting down then you will be set.
  3. is there anyway to remove the gold plate that the throttle cables go in to? if so that would solve my problems and it would be great
  4. Take them out at the throttle housing, loosen the cables and push the carb towards the front tire and it should give you enough slack to take them out
  5. I was cleaning the carb up a little bit on my 2004 wr250 and i went to put it back together and it wasnt right. the metal bar indicated by the arrow is supposed to be parrell with the needle. I was hoping someone else had this problem and knew how to fix it. thanks
  6. stopped the flowing thanks gonna try and get it goin tommorow
  7. I cleaned the carb out the other day just to get all the dust out of it because its been pretty dry i cleaned the air filter as well and i put everything back and now it wont start and it seems flooded with fuel even with the choke and fuel wont stop flowing:banghead: . I need help.
  8. ive got a 2004 wr250 and its been runnin like a champ since day 1.... just change the oil and take care of it just like any other mechanical toy and it will do wonders for ya
  9. This kinda has to do with some of this but what size wrench is it to tightenin the chain i seem to no be able to find the one that fits.
  10. Thanks for the air compressor idea now i can get back to riding.
  11. would just blowing in it cause the piston to come out or would i have to use an air compressor?
  12. it was working the other day and i was going to change the tire with a studded one but the weather changed and its beginning to clear up so i put it back together and now i cant get the piston to move but i will try cleaning and lubing it.
  13. The piston in the rear brake caliper wont move i checked everything put some brake fluid in there the brake line feeds fluid but the piston wont budge:banghead: ...anyone have this problem before?
  14. So i was just lookin over somethings and i checked the rear brake pads and i put the caliper back together but for some reason i cant get the brake to engage when i try to.... everything is connected i think the line, and all the little bolts...please any help would be great.
  15. i have an 04 wr250f and i have no complaints about being to wide its quite nimble in the tight trails and stable at the high speeds.