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  1. Bagman you're way off. you think I make up numbers to sound smart? The pic is a bit hard to see, but if you zoom in you'll clearly the 104lb/ft number. This is out of a HUSKY SHOP MANUAL for a TE / SM 610.
  2. The torque spec is 104.8lb-ft for the main axel nut. Your attitude though.. wow man. just wow.
  3. SD929

    Anyone converted thier bike to supermoto?

    I paid 1500 from Motoxotica. I do currently have 17" wheels with the same sized rotor as the 21" front. It works , ok. But like I said coming from sport bikes, they're rather on the weak side. I'm not racing track, but I but I go faster then I should in a lot of places, so I think the bigger rotor would pay off. If it's a ton of dough, then I'll stick with what I have, but I'd really like to make the change. I believe you'll need a new caliper, caliper relocation bracket as well as the bigger rotor. there are probably some nice to haves like a fully connected brake system to make the swap even easier.
  4. SD929

    Anyone converted thier bike to supermoto?

    I bought a set of 610SM wheels, with rotor, hubs, etc. I understand that the SM and TE use the same gearing, but I went down 5 teeth in the rear. dirt to sm is about 40 minutes for me, but w/ practice dealer says 30 min is pretty good. Coming from sport bikes 929rr, 600rr, and gsx1300r , the TE brakes are weak. They stop okay, but the larger rotor / caliper of the SM is what you want.
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    Why would you do an insurance claim for a crash on a track, even when you're NOT racing. You totally know what you're getting into.... That just drives everybodys rates up. Nice.