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  1. ErikBeeb

    klx trade

    Depends what you are looking for. The 110 is a fun, small play/pit bike... but the cr85 is bigger, a LOT faster and has MUCH better suspension than the 110 will ever have.
  2. ErikBeeb

    carb problem on 143

    I just put the basic Trail Bikes 143 piston/cylinder kit on my son's bike. I put a 95 main and I think a 42 pilot in there for the initial guess and its running fine. Its got the stock filter with the snorkel removed and the airbox opened up as big as the frame hole. Exhaust is stock w/ the restrictor opened up to 3/4". The idle seems fine, but it bogs initially if you bang open the throttle too fast. I'll see if I can improve that with some tuning, but I ran out of time.
  3. ErikBeeb

    WR450 Gearing change 14/51 or 14/52?

    A one tooth change on the rear sprocket is only about 2% difference. Doubtful you could even tell the difference. One tooth down on the front sprocket is about 7.8%, or the same as about 4 teeth on the rear sprocket. More significant, and cheaper/easier to try. My bike came to me with 14/52, but I dropped it to 13/52 because I do a lot of slow rocky tight trail stuff.
  4. ErikBeeb

    Wr450 Went Snorkling!!!

    Warm it up and then change the oil again until it comes out clear and not milky, showing that all the water is out of there.
  5. ErikBeeb

    KLX110 stock fork setup

    They were easy to install. When you swapped the spring you were only one allen head bolt away from getting the damping rod out. Just remove the allen head bolt in the end of the fork and tip the fork over and it drops out. I'm not sure what you mean by "make an offset for the springs to work correctly," but I'm guessing no. I just dropped everything in. Rear shock- I don't know. I just bought the Works shock with the light spring rate listed in the TT store catalog. It did seem just slightly longer than stock and it did give a little lift (stock one may have been a bit sagged), but of course the ride height is adjustable. I kind of wish I'd spent more time getting something more custom/longer travel, but I was trying to get it all done before his birthday. This seems to work great, so I can't really complain. Since I mounted the forks an inch higher in the clamps, the front probably only raised about 1/2", so there shouldn't really that much added height overall. I just measured and his seat height is about 26" unloaded. I'll have to sit it next to his friends stock 110 to get a comparison. Now I'm thinking of getting him a 134 kit... Apparently I've caught the bike mod bug. I guess I can add it to my rockcrawling one.
  6. ErikBeeb

    KLX110 stock fork setup

    I put the Works shock (light spring), BBR damping rods, and single TBR light spring in my son's bike the day before yesterday and he's had 2 evenings of beating on it. Seems to work GREAT. It sucks up the big jumps nicely for him and doesn't seem to bounce or bottom out like it used to. And its not so stiff that the small bumps are a problem either. I set the fork oil level at 80mm (vs. 90 the manual called for) and mounted the forks 1" higher in the clamps since the damper rods gave 1.5" of lift (and travel). I used 10w oil since I had a bottle handy. Don't know what the recommended weight is. The stock oil level was pretty low for some reason. Only 150mL came out of each one and I think I measured the level at about 110mm.
  7. ErikBeeb

    06 KLX110 falls on its face.

    My son's '02 is similar. I found that putting the clip all the way at the bottom helped the most, but its still there. Before I had the adjustable needle I spaced the stock one up with washers and the more I used the more it helped (up to 3 I think), but it messed up the idle the further up it got (I think it was leaking too much fuel in during idle). I haven't tried spacing the adjustable one up any further yet. My hunch is that it needs more fuel for that initial hit when you bang open the throttle (it seems to work fine if you roll the throttle on a little more slowly). On the bigger bikes they have the accelerator pump to do that (or at least that's my understanding of how it works), but these little carbs don't have that, so I don't know if there is a good fix.
  8. ErikBeeb

    KLX110 stock fork setup

    Good info. My son is similar sized and I'm researching suspension upgrades. My current plans are a Works shock (light spring) and the BBR damper rods. I haven't decided if I should change the front springs yet, but this looks like a good way to go... I noticed searching old posts that you're running a Works shock too.