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  1. tlingen

    when do u use hot start?

    If my bikes warm and nothing after 2 kicks, I pull it and starts right up.
  2. tlingen

    Tech 7's

    Thanks for the information.
  3. tlingen

    Tech 7's

    Who here has the new Tech 7 boots? Did you think they were stiffer than other boots and how did you break them in?
  4. tlingen

    Carb Cleaning

    Only 4-5 hours on them. The valves were done last fall. I just never took the carb apart before to clean it myself. I got to learn though and was looking for some directions. The 04 Yamaha manual doesn't seem thorough and clear to me. Thanks. This will do http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=309069
  5. tlingen

    new boots suuuck

    Are you saying I should just start in 2nd? My Tech 7's just seem to lock my lower leg and foot in one position. I just can't pivot my foot up to shift. I have 2-3 hours of walking in them and 4 hours of riding in them. And they feel as stiff as the day I pulled them out of the box.
  6. tlingen

    Carb Cleaning

    I have a 04 YZ250F and it's idling bad now after allot of riding on sand trails. Very hard to start also. I'm wondering if the carb is maybe clogged up. Does anyone know of a online procedure on how to take the carb apart and clean everything? Thanks.
  7. tlingen

    new boots suuuck

    Matts06yzf, did you get your Tech 7's wet to also help with the break in?
  8. tlingen

    The oil poll..........

    Another vote for Amsoil here. In everything.
  9. tlingen

    new boots suuuck

    Does hard plastic break in. My Tech 7's I think have no leather to soften. Thanks.
  10. tlingen

    new boots suuuck

    Same exact problem here today with my new Tech 7's. I tried to break them in by wearing around the house for 3-4 days. I don't race yet and might not this year but do ride tracks and trails. I pretty much had the bike is 1st gear all day. I could not feel the shifter at all. These are my first pair of boots and I hate them. Also I had surgery on my left leg that limits my ability to lift my foot with my heel on the peg. Since I'm not racing, would a smaller boot like a Thor 50/50 work? Does anyone know if they offer good protection at all?
  11. tlingen

    Boots for around 200 bills

    I second that. My Tech 7's came today from the same seller on EBay, nativearrowracing.com. The boots feel great.
  12. Did they break in quickly?
  13. I ordered a pair from Shane at Native Arrow today. I should have them in a week or so. Glassman66, how do you like them so far???
  14. Worked fine for me. It's just a link to a PDF document.