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  1. As much as I need one for free, but failed to enter, all of the tires that I could have used as a display item were off the bikes - for good reason (SAFETY).... guess I'll be ordering one. -Kerry
  2. Olalla7700

    100% not the bike

    Riding for free? Yeah his Suzuki contract doesn't kick in until 2013, but the guy is getting paid from his personal sponsors (Answer, Red Bull...etc). If he didn't ride to support their obligations, he might not get a paycheck... not that he needs one. -Kerry
  3. Olalla7700

    NBC Sucks!

    I'm back to whine an grovel... Figure I'd hi-jack this thread. KING 5 (NBC) in Seattle decided to pre-empt the "live" NBC coverage of the 2nd 450 moto with the Sounders FC game. An email was sent to their director of non-news programming. She's out until the 23rd... In short, I told her that they could have moved one or the other to their 2nd network (KONG 16) rather than broadcast their cooking and home improvement shows on their 2nd channel. They love emails, but prefer the intelligent ones, so if you send them a complaint, make sure it's in intelligible english, and not text-ese or badass-igan. -Kerry
  4. Olalla7700

    Will Dungey get a perfect outdoor season?

    So this went from "can Dungey sweep?" to " Stewart sucks/It was(or wasn't) the bike." Guess it's time to quit frequenting the pro forum again... Can't even read a general thread without a damn Stewart argument breaking out when his name is brought into conversation. It's like a damn politcal battle, only with less money from outside sources changing hands. Feels like the damn football/soccer matches overseas... a bunch of fans burning down the stadium when their team loses/riots in the street....I'm out of here before my recliner catches fire and I get railed over a burm or landed on. -Kerry
  5. Olalla7700

    Did they not say Barcia is moving to 450s?

    Press release has him riding the 450 for the 2013-2014 seasons... meaning he's on a 250 for the near future. But - he rode the 450 last year as a fill in, so who know how long his 250 career might actually be. http://www.racerxonline.com/2012/05/06/factory-honda-signs-barcia-for-2013-14 -Kerry
  6. Olalla7700

    outdoor champion prediction

    No food fights... we leave that to the "special " folk. -Kerry
  7. Olalla7700

    Will Dungey get a perfect outdoor season?

    I'm waiting to see who's filling in the empty spots before I call dominance for anyone. A few guys get the right rides and this could be a real good season for mixing it up and having some good battles. I think Dungey will have the points to be in the top 2. The question will be: "who fills the the podium for the overall each of the 12 rounds?" - as to whether that top 2 means a second at the end of the year ... -Kerry
  8. Olalla7700

    outdoor champion prediction

    Man this is a tough thread starter for sure... with a good chunk of the big guns either missing or not riding like themselves every week. It would seem that the basis for an answer would turn from one of dominance to who's likely to be luckier. I'd have to give it to Dungey, just based having less crap going on in the back ground. -Kerry
  9. Olalla7700


    Although Gavin Faith is doing his best replacing the absent Mr.Stewart... even creating the occasional meeting with the ground or a tough block.-Kerry
  10. Olalla7700

    big news on supercross schedule?

    Only if they can keep the riders from hurting themselves in droves...then it becoms a pretty dead schedule somehwere around the 3/4 point in the season.... -Kerry
  11. Olalla7700

    Stewart rumors

    Where? I don't see my name mentioned in any of these threads, unless I post in them. -Kerry
  12. Olalla7700

    big news on supercross schedule?

    They'll probably cut the season down to 13 or 15 races and add Mexico City. -Kerry
  13. Olalla7700

    Who will take RV2s spot for the outdoors?

    Think postively... eventually, there won't be enough 450 riders, Rattray will have to move up. It's been one of those years. In reality, Rattray moving up for outdoors was discussed back late last summer/fall when Tickle Me Brock's SX graduation issue was discussed. It's already been on Mitch's plate. It's just a matter of making it happen. Also, I haven't seen a great deal of press on Rattray or Tickle practicing for outdoors. There are a few videos of Durham and Wilson. Could be that they are holding closed practices or something, but I know Rattray has been riding to get back into shape after his tumble. He may be getting into shape on a 450. -Kerry
  14. Olalla7700

    Can Shaheen see the race from the booth?

    I understand not capturing the the "right" shot when they are "live" - although the Saturday night events are taped and edited as they are broadcasted a few minutes later. I noticed the tape delay after having the live timing and scoring feed up and seeing the results the Lites Main at A1 as they dropped the gate on TV. Guess that helps make up for on track delays better than watching how a rider spent their week. As has been hinted, the Sunday broadcasts leave something to be desired, those are taped and edited from all camera angles. It's like they are lazy and make the recording Saturday night just like they would if they were doing it that night... screwed up shots and poor announcing included. One positive - the races are on TV. -Kerry
  15. Olalla7700

    Who will take RV2s spot for the outdoors?

    Wey has a contract with Rockstar... Monster will take issue with that. Contracts can be disolved, however it's dependent upon whether the rider/team and sponsor feels they want to make it cheap and easy. Tickle or Rattray, or possibly H&H ridera on a rotating schedule - dependent upon results - has a pretty good chance. -Kerry