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  1. what kind of bike is it and whered u get it
  2. the ttr50 is out there w/ the different color rims
  3. well quit just thinking about doin it and post some reviews
  4. idk but nice bike, whered u get it
  5. What is the wrost chrash he has had?
  6. well my 80 did that and the shifter was rubbing against the motor and i just got a screwdriver and bent it out and it works now
  7. do you think this bike will do wheelies easliy stock? and do you think that it really goes 50 i mean thats faster than my modded crf80!
  8. are you joking?
  9. thats rediculous those adult guys riding the tiny mini motos i mean come on get a full size street bike or at least like a super pocket bike.
  10. i like the KOP bike and the "italian" bike sort of.
  11. i like it
  12. well i am 4,11 and i was wondering if this was a good size for me
  13. What happened?
  14. hey i am new and was looking at the super pocket bikes but then i ran into these pitbikes. i have a crf80 but i want a bike i can mess around on. so i ran into this bike- the description says its a BBR exhaust but in the picture it says pro circuit. -is this a good bike? -has anyone had expirience with this bike? -what kind of exhaust is it? +im not doing any serious riding or abuse to this bike just small ramps and wheelies. Thanks, Corey