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  1. kmelat

    CRF 150 vs. TTR 230??

    She's 5'7". This CRF 150 does have electric start because I saw it. They said it was an 05 model.
  2. I have a crf 450R and my wife wanted to ride with me so I bought her a 2006 TTR 230. Shes doing quite well on it, but in tight stuff, she has trouble. She seems to think she would like a 150 better. I have an off to trade even with a local dealer for an unscratched or hurt in any way 2005 CRF 150. How different is the CRF than the ttr?? Power, ridability?? Is this a good trade, or not?
  3. kmelat

    Junked motor!

    I just found out that this 2001 xr 200 I just bought for my wife has a junked motor because the the cam chain was bad and had too much slack. This in turn chewed up the sprocket and spit it all through the motor.... SO, now hat do I do? Any suggestions on used motors or any help at all?? thanks!
  4. I have recently bought a 2001 xr200 and it sounds like the timing chain is rubbing somewhere and I tried the adjuster by unscrewing the 10mm bolt and then the 14mm and it may have gotten a little more quiet but not completely. So my question is.. am I doing this right, and if so, then what else could I do to quiet it down, or is it even a problem to leave it like that? Thanks!!
  5. I have a 2002 CRF 450R that I just got a new top end and new valves put in and would like some advice on how to correctly break them in??? They are all OEM parts. Thanks!
  6. kmelat

    Metal pieces on oil filter???

    Ok, I have noticed that everyone has said its normal with "new" bikes... well, mine is an '02. Its a very well maintained '02 that I just got a couple of months ago and this was my first oil change. So how normal on an '02 there guys??
  7. kmelat

    Metal pieces on oil filter???

    Ok, next time I change my oil, I will put take the stainless filter out and show you guys and put a paper one in.
  8. kmelat

    Metal pieces on oil filter???

    Ok... i can get rid of the stainless. But that still doesnt help me figure out if my motor needs help.
  9. It HAS to be a bad sign that when I justed changed my oil, my stainless steel filter had some very small pieces of metal in the cracks. Does this mean my motor needs work? Please help!
  10. kmelat

    PA Quadfest anyone??

    I live around Clarion, PA (western PA) and Im planning on going to Quadfest. Whats the Slippery Rock Dunes? In Slippery Rock, I take it?
  11. Is anyone familiar with or has anyone gone to "Quadfest" in Pennsylvania?
  12. kmelat

    Is a 450R a good trail bike???

    Yea, im in Northwestern PA... up around Grove City, Clarion area. We have a lot of nice wooded trails with some hills and creeks. I havent ever really traveled to ride elsewhere. But I cannot wait to be able to ride this 450!
  13. kmelat

    How do I know if I need a new top end?

    Well, this evening I decided to tear into my bike and I checked the valve lask and decomp arm. I was please to find out that they were all within spec! Thats a good sign, right?!?! The spark plug was black, so Ill have to get a new one of those tomorrow.
  14. kmelat

    How do I know if I need a new top end?

    Well, I just bought the bike and I dont have an UNLIMITED budget, so I can't just "put new rings and piston in." How do you check the valves and do a leak-down test?
  15. I just bought an 02 crf 450R off of a guy and its very well maintained and clean. He was the original owner and he only rode it maybe once a week for a couple of hours in the summers. And we only trail ride.. nothing too hard. The only time he put a new top end in it was a year or two ago.(so the first one lasted him probably almost 4 yrs.) So my question is, how do I know when it needs replaced??? Im used to riding 2 strokes, and I just have no idea about these 4's. When its warmed up, it will start the 1st or 2nd kick. But it could take 10 or so kicks when its cold outside.(Like 20 or 30 F) I would LOVE to get some advice!! Thanks!