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  1. Thanks everyone for their patience. Bermuadacat I see what you mean. Be systematic in my approach. Nobel (& others) Battery voltage w/key off, fully charged = 13.01 Same, sitting overnight w/o the Battery Tender on = 12.70 Battery voltage w/key on, motor off = 12.24 Battery voltage w/motor running = 12.20 (Not sure of RPM, no tach, DRZ400S, but voltage did not change with all the different RPM's I put it through. Didn't budge from 12.20v) So I guess it is on to Electrical Troubleshooting?????
  2. Sealed battery, unable to test individual cells The battery is new, one month old Voltage at battery, fresh charge, not running 13.03v Engine running 12.28v What does this mean (other that my battery is going dead all the time :-)
  3. I'm not being a smart alec, why don't you think this is the right fix. It seems to match the symptoms.
  4. It is broke. Doesn't charge up. Gotten stranded. No kickstart. Dash indicators go out while driving. Battery tender always brings it back but doing errands around town it will only start about 4-5 times then nothing, and then I am stuck.
  5. I don't understand any of this electrical stuff. If I took the directions to a shop what would be a reasonable $ amount to have them do this mod for me? Thanks.