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  1. hdman

    Which EXC?

    Definitly go orange. I just bought a left over 450exc and compared it side by side with a wr450. No comparison. The KTM is way nicer fit and finish wise and alot easier to work on. If you go with the exc the valve adjustment is screw and lock, no cam removal. The KTM comes with alot of the stuff you would add to a Japanese bike too. I would recommend going with either a 450 or 525, but look for an 06 unless you want it street legal.
  2. hdman

    What bike?

    I'd go with a YZ125. Can't go wrong with a Yamaha 2 stroke, especially for your weight.
  3. hdman

    Dunlop 739f

    The 739 is a good tire for hard pack, but only in the 19 inch rear. Had an 18 inch on the back of my XR650R and tore it up quick. My buddies run them on their KTM 525sx and get great wear, they swear by them.
  4. hdman

    New harescrambles bike

    I agree 100%. Just bought a left over 06 450exc myself. I compared side by side with the wr450 and to me there was no comparison. Quality of parts, fit and finish, ease of maintenance, everything was better on the KTM.
  5. hdman

    525xc to much for North East

    Two of my riding buddies have the 525 and swear by them. I just purchased an 06 450exc because I rode their bikes and felt the power was a little too much for my ability. After zipping around on the 450 the power isn't a huge difference. I live in southeast Mass and ride alot in the Freetown State Forest and my friends 525's have absolutely no trouble in the tight stuff. I would buy the 525 if I had the chance now (I got a sweet deal on the 450 though).
  6. hdman

    made the switch

    That's what I'm hoping, the 650 was definitely a bear to muscle around in the trails. Loved the power, but delivery was slow and the weight was a bit much.
  7. Hello all. Just made the switch today from my XR650R to a 450EXC, and I could not be more excited. Only thing that sucks is I live in the northeast and I still have about a month before everything thaws out.
  8. hdman

    new guy with a question

    Thanks for all the input, looks like a 450 is the way to go. Now the question is which one. Do I stay brand loyal and go with a Honda? My friends are really pushing me to go with a KTM.
  9. hdman

    new guy with a question

    SE Mass., New Bedford area. I ride mostly in Dartmouth, State Forest, etc.
  10. First of all, I am new to the forum so I would like to greet everyone. I am 28 years old and live/ride in Massachusetts. I mainly trail ride and try to bring my son along when I can. I currently ride an '04 XR650R. This is where my question comes in. I would like to get a smaller bike to better handle the tight, root infested trails that I ride. I think that a 450 (KLX,CRF, or WR) will be a little too high strung for my style of riding, also not the best for my son to keep up with on his CRF50F. I was thinking of a KLX300R or DRZ400E, but I cannot decide between the two. I have not ridden, nor do I know anyone who has, either bike. I am leaning towards the KLX300R, but am concerned there will not be enough power (I weigh 265lbs). Any input will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.