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    Wow! Big jump on the 525 according to the JD graph.
  2. Paid for her tonight. Pick her up tommorow. Wanna ride it home need to plate it. :applause: :p :p :p
  3. Rockhead

    It's Here. Wooo hoo.

    Blue pipe is a happy pipe.
  4. Rockhead

    It's Here. Wooo hoo.

    Yeah, the Metzlers worked well today.
  5. Rockhead

    It's Here. Wooo hoo.

    It's been raining here for a few days. I see a sloppy Saturday coming up.
  6. Rockhead

    post ur bikes from canada

    Latest edition.
  7. Rockhead

    Favorite riding song?????

    Outshined Soundgarden.
  8. Rockhead

    Toyota Tacoma

    Thanx . Friends of mine just picked up a Crewmax Tundra. Nice!! BIG! I sure see alot of Dodge influences in it.
  9. Rockhead

    ATTN! Excel's name change/buy out.

    When I worked at the steelership. OTD meant On The Drugs. We were refering to our sales staff.
  10. Rockhead

    post ur bikes from canada

    My 06 GSXR-1000 My old 04 ZX-10R
  11. Rockhead

    Kamloops or Kelona

    Kelowna is Dope! As is most of B.C.
  12. Rockhead

    Is Steve Whitelock is an idiot yes on no?

    Is Steve Whitelock is an idiot yes on no? On is maybe.
  13. I pulled a trailer with 6 crotch rockets through the Rocky Mountains with my 04 1500 6.0 with 4:10's. Truck had no problems keeping up.
  14. Rockhead

    Bike thief caught

    Hang em' high!
  15. Rockhead

    Bike thief caught

    They used to hang horse theives back in the day. Good idea about the recording of the plate numbers. Just hope they don't have stolen plates.
  16. Rockhead

    Old timers..Remember him?

    No but I do remember Bob Hannah, Broc Glover and Mark Barnett.
  17. Rockhead

    Toyota Tacoma

    Our new 07 TRD Taco.
  18. Rockhead

    toyota trucks

    I worked for GM for 15 years and the last 8 of them I had a Toyota truck of some sort. BTW the Tacoma came out in 1995.
  19. If my 525 EXC dosn't get here soon I just might have to hold out for an 08.
  20. Rockhead

    BMW's new 450 Enduro

    Very nice.
  21. Rockhead

    Bar Pad Ever Save Your Arse??

    Never my arse but it did save my chest and face.
  22. Rockhead

    torque wrench

    Snap- On.
  23. Rockhead

    Rumor: Ducati 450F?

    Do we get the dry clutch too? Rattle clang clang ching clang:thumbsdn: