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  1. lb37

    Friend Seriously injured at MX track

    i definitly agree that any movement is good movement and he will progress from there. good luck and best wishes to those involved.
  2. I also forgot to mention that a business degree is a broad thing. It includes a little bit of advertising, business law, marketing, and economics. This is what i chose because it allows me more options when i being to look for a job. If you would like to be more specialized in sales for instance, then your major should be marketing. you may also want to have a minor, in maybe advertising, that way you have even more options when looking for jobs. The website i posted will give you an idea of salaries, locations, and different kinds of jobs and requirements.
  3. Hey my name is Laura and i am actually doing the same thing you want to do. I have worked at a dealership as a parts sales person for two years just to get my foot in the door and i am going to college to get a business degree. I just like you, am obsessed with motorcycles of all kinds. Right now im taking basic college course at a university, and am also taking several business related couses if i can fit them into my schedule. Ive talked to alot of people and they have all told me unless you have loads of money or have started a long standing company that you need to go to school. if you go to mmi you could work as a mechanic, and eventually become a service manager. if you get a business degree, you could do anything such being a sales rep or doing adverstising. getting a business degree does not limit you to the motorcyle industy, which is good in case somehow you get tired of it. I would suggest getting your foot in the door at a dealer or shop and work your way from there. Through this you will learn if the industry is right for you. talk to as many people as you can and get your name out there. Go to school and look at what kind of degree is right for you. heres a web site that will let you see what the job field is like right now:http://motorcycleindustryjobs.com/ Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to PM me. -Laura
  4. lb37

    many questions!

    I do plan to take the hike to the baja this summer and i plan on staying there for a week or so to get an idea of what desert riding is all about. So thanks for the offers to shwo me around, and when the time comes I will be sure to get a hold of some of you and let you know my plans. Thanks for all the encouragement, there is nothing better than seeing this to help me along the path to living the dream!
  5. funny someone should post something about this, on my kx100 playbike i have the nut that holds the flywheel on fall off, the bike still ran fine and nothing went wrong, no noise at all until i got 1/2 mile from my house, then the bike wouldnt start because the contact got pushed too far away from the flywheel. i got home and YES i checked for metal, and jesus there was alot. After this happened and almost cracked the case and bent the crank, yes i check them about every 3rd time i ride. i'd rather take 5 minutes that pay for a new crank and engine.
  6. lb37

    many questions!

    Hey everyone my name is Laura. Yes i am a female rider, and yes i am determined to complete the baja 1000 solo. It has been a dream of mine for many years. I have been riding since i was 8, and i am 19 now. I would consider myself definitly above average in riding skill. I work out 4 days a week and eat right (no fast food and that sort of thing). I also try to get as much saddle time as money and free time allows me. As i said i have the dream of completing the 1000 mile ironman race, and i have the heart, determination, and support to do so. however, living in illinois, and not being familiar with this kind of race i have many questions and am hoping some of you with baja experience can help me. I will be riding a yz250f. I know the risks and the posibility of death is there but id rather die doing what i love that in a nursing home 70 years later wishing i had done this. Please do not think this is a joke, it is a dream. First, i know i need to be a SCORE member, but after that how much is the entry free? Can i have my own chase crew? (family and friends?) Or do i have to use a pit service? How many females race in the baja ironman? Can i ride the course at any time during the year? If i have my own chase crew with gas, tools, water, ect., is there mandatory pit stops? Are there any special rules and regulations on setup for bikes? Any other information other than saying its imposible would be greatly appreciated. I will be riding the 250f because i am very familiar with it and have been riding one for several years. As far as bike setup i plan on running the stock 250f motor to keep its reliability, handgaurds, radiator cages and braces and other bike protection, steel sprockets, o-ring chain, and tire for hard terrain. any other setup info?
  7. lb37

    shoei/arai helmet dealers

    willy world in joliet, i used to work there, they have, or had, a couple arai and they were discounting them cuz they never sold. the market for high end gear isnt very good cuz people dont wanna spend 500 bucks on a helmet and would rather spend 50 and hope they dont crash. hope this helps
  8. lb37

    Any girls ride the Sand Dunes?

    im 5'7 and 140lbs female and have been riding for just over 9 years. i had a ttr125l as one of my bikes to mess around on, i took it to the dunes in michigan a couple years ago and i sank, but this is very deep sand. a 125 4-stoke will not make it im my opinion. i currently have a yz250f and a kx100. both of these bikes do very very well in dunes. the kx100 is so light its amazing, you basically glide over the sand. my 250f is obviously much larger and heavier, but it is even better in sand. get something that you can manage with no problems at all, but with the largest displacement (cc's) possible. somthing like a cr125 or yz125 would be perfect, they r light, nible, and haul. or just seach for a cr500 like me. (anyone sellling one?)
  9. lb37

    ssr pit bike trouble

    why never order from XT?....i mean i understand why now, but its too late. have u had problems too?
  10. lb37

    ssr pit bike trouble

    so i bought a ssr 110 pitbike from XT powersports online. i got the bike a week later than it was supposed to come, when i got it the shifter was missing, and the clutch lever was broken. the plastics were also all bend up and kinked. so i assemble the the and put a little gas in, i check the oil level and everything is ok. so i kick the bike over many times and it wont fire up. i check over everything again. its got spark, its getting enough gas and it has compression, but still nothing. i called XT and they said absoutly no returns. they gave me a number to a mechanic and told me to call him and he can help me troubleshoot. do you guys have any idea what could possibly be wrong? any help is appreciated because i dont wanna be stuck with a pitbike that i can ride or return. ive had an ssr a-1 pitbike in the past and it ran like a champ right out of the box so i dont get it. thanks again!
  11. lb37

    New SSR 110 A1 what to do first

    very very very very very very good post, i had one of these before, sold it to get a yz250f, and i just ordered another one so this write up is perfect. thanks!!!!
  12. lb37

    what handler bar bend?

    when i still had my ttr i used kx hi bend, but using a full size bar will make the bars seem alot longer obviously, so u may want to go with a 'mini' bend
  13. lb37

    pics of my truck

    lookin sexxxxxyyyyy
  14. lb37

    This Cop forgot to take his meds

    hahhahahhhahahah giving a cop the finger...i always wondered what would happen...now i know!