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  1. bportune

    Cal Poly Penguins Dual Sport Ride

    Thanks for the input!
  2. bportune

    DRZ400S Vs DR650

    Love mine on the road, but use my DRZ in the dirt...
  3. Anyone do this ride last year? If so, what can I expect. I'm currently running 15/47 sprockets and Maxxis Desert IT tires on my S - is this a good setup for that ride?
  4. bportune

    S plus FCR question

    After trying to chase a couple of WR's up the trail, I realized that I was having to work WAY harder to keep up. I realized that their ability to loft the front wheel over obstacles (whoops, holes, ruts, muddy puddles) with the throttle was one of the big differences (oh yeah, and 80lbs less weight). On my stock S, would adding the FCR give me this ability alone, or would I have to go full E (cams, base gasket, header)? (I already have E gearing.)
  5. bportune

    New Corbin swap for Stock E Tank

    The lower seat height was great for better reaching the ground, but it cramped my rebuilt knee too much while on the pegs.
  6. I have a new Corbin seat I purchased for my S and have less than 1 hour of actual ride-time on it. Anyone have a very clean stock E tank they would like to swap for it? Drop me a PM if you do...
  7. bportune

    KoubaLink DRZ-2 Summary

    190 without gear street/single track.
  8. bportune

    KoubaLink DRZ-2 Summary

    PS. I also installed an SM side-stand - works great.
  9. bportune

    KoubaLink DRZ-2 Summary

    After having my S for a few months I finally decided that it was too tall for it's weight. I searched and read everyones input on lowering; new seats, lowering links, suspension shortening, etc. I really liked the seat/peg relationship, so I ruled-out a new or lower seat and decided to try the DRZ-2 lowering link. It was quick and easy to install as per the good instructions. To match the front end I installed some inexpensive bar risers so I could raise the fork tubes a full inch and still clear the key assembly. First impressions on my first ride was exactly was everyone said; the link will make the rear soft. But it also made the front-end feel too harsh so I softened that up to try and get it to match. Once I got home I also stiffened up the rear as much as I could. Now I feel that everything is perfect for me. My overall impression is that I love my DRZ-S even more a little closer to the ground. It feels much more stable and controllable with the lower center of gravity - now it seems to go where you're thinking about going and you don't have to muscle it around as much. As far as "screwing up the suspension", in my opinion, absolutely not - everthing still works great! Final note: DRZ-2 lowering link, highly recommended!
  10. bportune

    Are "deathwings" really that bad?

    I picked up my new 06 a couple of weeks ago and after reading about the recommended guards, I put on hand-guards, rad-guards, case-guards. I have been riding on pavement and some hard packed dirt roads and have been very happy with everything. Today I rode with my son at our favorite trail area - I was stunned - the first thing I should have gottten to protect my new DRZ (and myself) was NEW TIRES! I managed to keep it rubber-side-down all day, but had to work hard to do it - especially in the sand - it was like riding on ice! Next week D606's front and back!
  11. bportune

    Any DRZers in San Luid Obispo County California????

    Santa Maria - just over the county line. I'm looking to pick my new DRZ up in a week or so! Once I do, I'll be looking for some riding company...
  12. Where is that in Los Padres?
  13. bportune

    TTR230 replacement - DR-Z400S

    I'm looking to move to a 400S as a replacement for my TTR230 and add some dual-sport loops to my riding. My question is will the 400S be at least as capable as my TTR230 was in the dirt? - I've mostly been moderate trail riding with it.
  14. bportune

    BBR frame cradle on TTR125LE

    I put one on my son's LE and it worked just fine. I had to take the pipe off and then attach the back first. I had to massage the front a bit, but it wasn't too bad.
  15. bportune

    Anyone able to find a tall seat for TTR230?

    Me too!