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  1. ClayKann

    new truck pics

    What year is that truck? I actually have a 04 Chevy bumper in perfect condition that i can sell you cheap.
  2. Nope 03 and up are cp3 commonrail engines.
  3. ClayKann

    new truck pics

    what was all done to the 7.3
  4. Are you talking about a smarty on a commonrail or a 24v VP? Commonrails have cp3s not vp44s. You cant put crazy larry on smarty, he probably has the tnt software which fuels alot harder. The popping at wot is cause of the rail is draining of fuel on a commonrail. If its on a Vp44 and its popping hes about to have to replace his Vp44.
  5. Airdog, fass, or raptor 150s would easily work. Ask a friend to borrow a smarty you will be really surprised just what that does.
  6. ClayKann

    Mototractor pics

    Ok great, lets see more tractors.
  7. If you want a little more hp, then get a smarty. 500hp with just a programmer.
  8. I hope that thing is cold, it sounds like it needs the valves adjusted bad.
  9. Ya i bet your truck is 700hp and smokeless right:smirk:
  10. ClayKann

    new truck pics

    Thats what i was thinking:smirk:
  11. They need banks:smirk:
  12. Yes i need more track time. My buddy drives his p pumped 24v everyday. I dont know where you got that? A benched p pump is actually alot more streetable then a monster vp44.
  13. Yes its a vp truck. When the stock pump went out i almost did the p pump swap. But i got a good deal on a hot rod vp pump, which is a modified stock pump adds about 70 hp and its alot more reliable then a stock one. Down the road i think when i get another truck im going to p pump this one maybe.
  14. No i have a built auto. Thats cause of my 2wd:banghead: Spins till half track, i had skinny radials on it when i did the 15.5. I now have wider tires, and i think we are gonna put slicks on it as well.