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  1. Suzuki55

    pro circuit vs. fmf

    fmf is better i was doing the same thing thinking on what pipe to get fmf 4.1 and the mega-bomb is a perfect i have it on my 07 rmz-250 well anyways the mega bomb and the 4.1 lets u keep ur good bottom end doesnt add much more bottom then stock, Adds ALOT of mid there a pretty big noticeable punch when u come out of corners and the 4.1 gives more top so it doesnt fall flat and it gives u the top-end over rev all in all fmf mega bomb and a 4.1 is the ultamite pipe
  2. Suzuki55

    Broken clutch plates

    so 04-06 suzuki 250f clutch plates will fit into a 07 suzuki 250f ???
  3. Suzuki55

    Installing grips

    i heard that scotts grip glue eats away at renthals dual compond grips and i bought the renthal grip glue and it works excellent
  4. Suzuki55

    Wierd Noises

    meh maybe i just didnt notice it
  5. Suzuki55

    Wierd Noises

    well have have put a new fmf mega bomb header on and took my bike for a spin and now i have noticied a wierd noise coming from the clutch when ever im in the low rpms like idle to quarter way open throttle is when i pass quarterway throttle is disapears. I also notice this noise when i pull the clutch in. the sound is like a winding / whirling kinda sound not sure if this is normal ive been off my bike for 2 weeks and i was wondering if others have this same sound.
  6. Suzuki55

    07 rmz250 Missing Shifts

    22 hours and had 3 false neutrals at like 9 hours or something but this this shift amazingly well now Props to suzuki for making an awsome 250f this year woot
  7. Suzuki55

    07 rmz250 Missing Shifts

    ya but did u use ur clutch to get into 3rd or did u just slam ur boot up on the shifter ?
  8. Suzuki55

    Ti-Powercore Vs 4.1

    well i have a mega bomb but i havent diecided whiether to get the 4.1 over the powercore if anyone has the powercore could they share some info on it if it gives more over rev and that kinda thing
  9. Suzuki55

    07 rmz250 Missing Shifts

    well if u not using the clutch there ur problem i have a 07 and i notice when i get lazy i dont use the clutch and there a false rev out and when u get low into the gear it clicks back into gear. there some suggestions if u need it lol
  10. Suzuki55

    silencer for megabomb

    whats FMF speed muffler about .., how does it compares to the 4.1
  11. Suzuki55

    Need input on Exhast

    ive heard good thing about fmf look good but just want to put other kind's of exhast company's into play and i know people have the pc pipe lol
  12. Suzuki55

    Need input on Exhast

    come on people anything will help
  13. Suzuki55

    Need input on Exhast

    k well i have a 2007 rm-z 250 was thinking of getting pc's ti-4 gp exhast system or else yosh's rs-2 system wondering if i could get some input on both over the stock exhast how the power delivery is and all that stuff thx if i could get some input
  14. Suzuki55


    lol did the same thought i bent my pro tapers but they whernt but anyways pro tapers are pretty strong havent seen any brake but my friend broke his tag bar in a small tip over so its really all up to u on what u wanna try / use
  15. Suzuki55

    does your 07 rmz250 over heat ?