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    oil in the airbox??

    I have noticed for quite some time now that there is alot of oil in my blow by tube after ever ride. Also last time i went out i noticed that engine oil was acually dripping out through my airbox, when i removed my airfilter i noticed oil also in the filter tube. Is this normal? and if not what could it possible be? it looks like it is coming through the breather tube. Any replys would be nice Thanks cody
  2. i dont have any picks but the best describtion i can give is that when the fork is compressed and released there is just a small line of oil and alittle residue left over not a serious drip. And it only has a small drip when its tied down. When i ride it and when its on its stand it leaks nothing.
  3. Well on my crf450 that prob only has about 10 hours on it has started to leak on my right fork. The thing is that i just had lighter springs put on. After the first ride with teh new springs i noticed that on the ride home there was some oil left on the right shock. The only time that it leaks is when its tighed down in the truck or sitting off the stand under its own weight. The amount of oil it leaks is very very small. My question is that i have had bikes with bad seals and this doesnt look like the same thing, what other causes could this be?