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  1. '00 xr650r, edlebrock carb, supertrapp muffler, K&N. my vapor shows about 60*C at speeds and a max of ~80*C stopped in traffic on a warm day. i know that car engine are designed to operate at 100*C. ambient temps are ~20-30*C.i have changed the thermostat. sensor is plumbed into the top hose before the thermostat. where do you guys have yours plumbed and what temps do you get.
  2. NMike

    Which Is Worth Buying? XR650R

    my bike is plated since day one (2000). ICBC has now changed its policy regarding the ROM labeling on the frame. since ~2009 they won't plate a DS kit if the frame has a ROM label. the currently plated ones here can stay. no new imports though. i am assuming that other provinces are going along the same routes though.
  3. look for a product call "time-sert" 100X better than a heli-coil, and way more permanent the heli-coils in aluminium.
  4. NMike

    license plate bracket

    just get a cheap trailer license plate bracket.
  5. NMike

    Edlebrock Pumper overhaul

    in my second post i explained i did just that. they won't sell me the parts directly and the guy seemed to have no time to get me part numbers. just told me to contact a dealer.
  6. NMike

    Edlebrock Pumper overhaul

    anybody else?
  7. NMike

    Edlebrock Pumper overhaul

    after an hour on hold, i got through to them. they said they do not sell kits, but they sell the parts. when i asked about the parts, they told me to call a motorcycle/atv dealer to get the parts. they told me to contact ATVGalaxy.com. nobody answered their phone, and the contact system they have kept giving me server errors. i'll call come other places tomorrow.
  8. some idiot forgot to drain the carb back on 09, and now i have a carb full of green goo. the foam at the bottom of the bowl has come apart and partially melted. nevermind the gaskets that wouldn't come apart. i managed to find the super secret hidden tuning manual on their site, but where are the gasket sets? i can't find any part numbers. anyone know where to find/order them?
  9. NMike

    XRR teardown. What would you replace

    i'd change the chains while you are in there. inspect the bore and piston for the amount of wear. i'd stay away from higher compression pistons, they make more heat along with power. for your riding, do you need more power? for your `É /? problem, bottom right of your screen, there should be a small keyboard icon, clik it and change your setting to US .
  10. NMike

    Fed-up with the unreliability of my 650R!!!

    i had alot of problems with mine. tried jets, needles, float settings and all other trick i found one the inner web. most would fix one thing and cause another. get an edelbrock!! no regrets for me.
  11. http://www.cheapbatterypacks.com/?sid=1092354
  12. NMike

    Trail Tech Vapor

    how is your speedo activated? on my vapor it is a magnetic sensor that reads a magnetic i installed onto the rotor. i know that if the magnet is placed right in the middle of the sensor it won't read right.
  13. NMike

    heavy clutch problem

    figured it out. i installed the pushrod backwards. all good now.
  14. i just installed my Vapor. at highway speeds my engine runs at only 60-70*c. when i'm stopped in traffic the temp will get to about 90*c. then engine runs better and the idle actually goes up a few hundred rpm. i'm thinking the guy before must have pulled out the t-stat or it is stuck open. normal?
  15. NMike

    heavy clutch problem

    i guess i'll pull it back apart tomorrow