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  1. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    2 or 3 hundred for springs ain't so bad....where is the best place to buy 'em and how big of a job to install ?
  2. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    OK guys...I went to the local suzi dealer and they had (1) DR650SE in the house. A new '07 leftover. So I thro a leg over. At 6'2" the height seems ok for me...but at 240 Lbs. the suspension said "GET OFF FAT @SS ". I am aware the DR650 setup is soft...but can you adjust the suspension to be usable for a guy my weight...or are we talkin' springs front/back and or a shock?? and how much $$$ are we talkin' ??
  3. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    A lot of good info here guys. I'm takin' it all in and I thank you !
  4. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    BigNick....I do have a Harley. '94 FLHTCU. Some might wonder why not commute on the electraglide ??...The Glide is cumbersome in rush hour also, I'm thinking the dr650 will put the "fun" back in riding for me. The Glide is the "Caddy" of motorcycles but, they only lean so far. LOL But I will keep my hawg for me and the old lady's weekend adventures !
  5. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    OK so to recap....DR650 is a great dual sport....biggest con = seat sucks.__ All bikes have some flaw, but it's good to know this one is not mechanical ! So where do you buy a Renazco seat ? and how much $ ?
  6. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    My commute is only 26 miles round trip, but I won't cry about getting a new seat. Corbin the best ? What about the "suzuki" gel seat ? Also, what problem does the upper chain roller cause ? ----Don't mean to be a dummy, I just have not owned a chain drive bike in MANY years.
  7. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    I have always heard good things bout the dr650...I wasted alot of time researching the KLR, its just not for "me". Glad to hear someone that actually owns one to tell me "no worries"...or ""no must fixes"...also "low upkeep" or "dependable"......That's the kinda stuff you wanna hear about your new bike. I've talked to many KLR650 owners and the #1 grievance in buying a new KLR is Doohickey dread. Some see it as a "right of passage", while others will tell you that -"it's no big deal". $5000 isn't alot of money for a new bike these days, but if you have to rip the side of the motor apart fresh out of the wrapper to feel safe on your new bike.....i'm sorry but....THAT'S A BIG DEAL !!!
  8. hawgman94

    "stock" DR650SE biggest pros / cons ?

    I have been waiting a couple years to buy a DS bike as a second bike. Had seriously looked at KLR650, but when the '08 came out and still had the ("improved but still present" )-DOOHICKEY PROBLEM after 20 yrs and a makeover-that did it for me ! As for other options in the class and price range...XR650L is too "dirtbike" as 80% will be commute bike. So for me it's lookin' like a new DR650se this spring. ---So in stock form...What are the biggest pro's and con's about owning this bike??? Are there any known "MUST FIX" problems ...(like the klr-doo...etc.) ???...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks in advance for your help !!!
  9. hawgman94

    Valves - Riding when mal-adjusted.

    "a Slappy Valve Is A Happy Valve"
  10. hawgman94

    worth of a xr650

    Jimmah.....did you have a change of heart on the bike ??......just curious either way....did ya buy...or would he not sell ?
  11. hawgman94

    damn stealership!!!

    I can't think of the name....but there is a legislative act that is law that reserves your right to do your own warranty required maintenance. Anything the dealer tells you otherwise is wrong !
  12. hawgman94

    Used XR650L question !

    Looking at a 2003 xrl with low miles....so my question is ..Were there any changes made between an '03 and '07 or any changes among any other years made. Thank You in advance !!!
  13. hawgman94

    worth of a xr650

    post an update here if you buy it and wanna sell !
  14. hawgman94

    worth of a xr650

    You could do short commute on an "R" with a street legal kit.
  15. hawgman94

    worth of a xr650

    If it is a 2004 XR650L with 133 actual miles and not wrecked....and you buy it for $2500....I will give you $3000 and come from Ohio to pick it up !