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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    Brand new sxs snow shed engine shield to keep snow out of your engine, keeping engine temps warm for snow biking. Never used. Planned on building a bike but plans changed. 155 new + shipping, asking 140- includes shipping and PayPal fees.


  2. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    Bought a thermobob for my yz450fx planning to make it a snow bike this season but have changed plans for now. My loss is your gain. $130 new + ship. Asking $120 shipping and PayPal fees included in price. Black in color, new in box never opened. fits 16–18 yz450fx 14-17 yz450f 16-17 wr450f


  3. Hey guys i'm stuck on which bike I should get. I'm looking at getting a 2016 2 smoker. I've had an 06 and 07 yz250 and I loved both of them. So now i'm stuck, yamaha is coming out with the x model yz250 this year. But i've heard many great things about the 300xc and xcw. Has anyone owned both bikes. I do alot of racing around and trail riding. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Probably a really stupid question. But where could I find white plastics and the special edition graphics for it? I like the look of the white. How different is the motor than the 03? For those that have an 06, how much easier does it handle? Does the stock exhaust flow well compared to an aftermarket, I dont really care for the loud as hell approach, so if the stocker is as good with same perf i'll just keep it. Also, does it break off your arms like the 03 does?
  5. Thanks for the input guys! Hopefully going to pick it up tomorrow
  6. How is the handling compared to the 03? I love my 03, but it seems like it quickly wears me out from the bottom end power, and turns like a brick. Reliable though. lol
  7. Right now I have an 03 yz450f and have the chance to get an 06 yz450f for an steal. Do any of you have an 06? What are your opinions on it? Any help is appreciated.
  8. How much would something like that cost to have done? The smart valve looks pretty cool
  9. They are the same. When I had my 98 yz400f my stock head pipe got smashed in and I replaced it with a yz426f head pipe.
  10. I've had a problem like this before when I had my yz400f. If you dont torque the cam caps down in sequence to the correct torque like the manual states it can actually freeze the cams, and make the cam sprockets turn on the camshafts when you go to kick it to start it. I was stumped for about a month, because everytime I would check timing on the sprockets it was right on. The intake cam sprocket had actually turned enough to where when the piston was at top dead center the lobe was pushing the valve partially into the cylinder, creating a no start condition. Keep in mind, when the engine is at TDC using the flywheel sight mark, take off the valvecover and check the cam lobes. They should be facing slightly up/outwards from eachother, neither of them touching the valve buckets. Hope this helps.
  11. Well, I got my 2003 yz450f about 2 months ago. I absolutely love it, way more torque for some of the hill climbing I do. Anyways, I love everything about it, except it seems to turn like a brick. I've looked everywhere for a different offset tripleclamp for it. I know in 03 they had 46mm forks and 04+ had 48mm forks. I can only find aftermarket tripleclamps for the 04+ yz450's. Should I just buy a set of 04+ 48mm forks? Other than that the bikes awesome.
  12. I got it all sorted out. Bought the yz400/yz426 intake and exhaust cam. Started right up and runs great. I just need to work on the jetting now to get the evil bog out. Thanks for the help everyone!
  13. I had to get a hotcam intake cam because somehow my stock intake cam gear spun on the cam so its waaay messed up.
  14. 642MX, do you think the 450 hotcam paired with a 400f intake hotcam will work? Or should I just return the 450 hotcam and buy the oem 450 cam and use it with the 400f intake hotcam?
  15. Someday I will plan to convert my yz400f over to the 450 like people are doing on their 426's. I have a question on that though. Since the 450 subframe will be used on the 400/426 frame, won't the stock 400/426 not bolt up? Will this allow me to use 450 exhaust if the bolt holes are different?