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  1. Clist

    KTM 525 vs XR400

    Nothing wrong with an XR,.........but, If you spend a few days on a 525, you might have a change of heart. Press the button and go. Heavy?, maybe a little but so am I. Noisy?, all new four strokes are a little, I just maintain the heck out of it and ride. Bad seat?, I stand 90% of the time so I didn't notice. The power actually helps my less than perfect riding ability with it being able to muscle out of difficult situations. Putt around and chug through the tight stuff, and when you are feeling froggy, rip a hill in third or fourth gear screwed all the way and you will understand why you see so many orange bikes around. KTM should give me a free hat or something for promoting their products. Orange, red, green, blue,...it's all good.
  2. Clist

    Looks like I got Scamed

    The awsome thing about all of this, looking at the positive, is that so many people have the honest guys back. Karma, not pay pal will get this fool. Sit back and enjoy the fact that freekin loser thiefs wake up in the morning as................loser thiefs. This site that won't allow you to search twice in 30 seconds will figure out how to bring justice.
  3. Clist

    Scam Alert!!! Scam Alert!!!

    From the mouths of babes. I need to be nice here because not everyone has "been around the block". Let me put it in real simple terms that seem almost too simple. If it seems too good to be true, it is a scam. I sold a mach 1 mustang online, some guy from L.A. kept asking me to give it to him on payments and as soon as he sold his rental house he would pay me extra $ for my trouble. I told him yes, Just contact my agent and sign your other house over to me and then I will bring you the car. I never heard from him again. Go figure.
  4. Clist

    450X or KTM 450 EXC

    Sorry Honda guys, I would go with KTM, but move to the 525. I got an 06 exc for 7k OTD, 450x was 6299. The weight is the same, and the extra cubes make for a more forgiving ride as you can muscle out of less than perfect situations. Race ready?., that is subjective, but for 701 bones more I think it is the better choice.