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  1. mxfish89

    reason(s) to get a crf250r

    LMAO! But anyway if you outgrowned the 150 its time for the 250F. And go honda of coarse
  2. Is there anyway to make one? Also what size is a driver for a 05 crf450R Is it 47? Thanks for the reply..
  3. mxfish89

    Dirt Bike Television now on Directv!

    Is it me is this show really lame, Maybe cause I do more tracks and not flat land riding wheelies but that might just be me. Some of the guys don't even know how to ride a bike specially one those two guys stoped and stalled the bike But Its cool to have some offroading I wish they would make a program dealing with racing more.
  4. mxfish89

    Cheap used one

    Check the TT classifieds Pretty sure I seen one for your bike in the Honda Section
  5. mxfish89

    What fuel are you running in your CRF450?

    Where can you order VP racing fuel at? I dont see it on there site and there isn't a distrubter that ain't 2 miles away?
  6. mxfish89

    What fuel are you running in your CRF450?

    CAM II also known as Sunoco Racing Fuels (read that link). I am going to give a shot to sunoco and citgo since there right down the street. I also heard a close marathon gas station carrys some type of racing fuel?
  7. mxfish89

    05 Project CRF450R

    Damn man NIce set up. Ride that thing. It don't need anything. And Be fast! The more stuff you have the faster you better GO! lol Have fun!
  8. mxfish89

    Fastway Spacers, Shims.. Confused?

    Now to find a spacer
  9. mxfish89

    Fastway Spacers, Shims.. Confused?

    Oh alright, yea I have no visual since im out of town wondering about this. Thanks for all the help!
  10. mxfish89

    Helmet/Gear Safety Rant

    Yea Theres always kids crusing around the pits. This one time a kid on a 60 maybe? Hit my back tire and feel. I was on the main road and was not my fault but I still got some dirty looks from parents err! Even tho hes the one who ran in it &%$#@!!
  11. Looks like it wasn't made to good. Thats a really thin piece of plastic specially for a brace that cost 400 dollars... I don't know the full story on how he landed on it but It seems theres a lot of bias people that think this thing saves you from EVERYTHING. People are assumming Oh My God your neck is in one piece thats why its cracked, not knowing the full story! Talk about advertising and brain washing.... Now don't get me wrong this thing is better then nothing but I assume its a little overrated. We need some more companies to produce these like I've been hearing! Ever since this brace has been out I have been hearing stories like . My Son Crashed today and if he didn't have the leatt brace on he would of been Peralized! Even these stories sound fake.. Idk Im about to be flamed casue everybody got there head up there ass but Good Day.
  12. mxfish89

    Fastway Spacers, Shims.. Confused?

    What kind of washer did you use if at all on the other side?
  13. mxfish89

    dirt bike info

    How far in detail. Do you know the difference between 2 and 4 stroke if not I recommend maybe a small engines class in your school (assuming your a student)
  14. mxfish89

    06 valve clearances,please

    I do recommend a manual for all the Torque Specs.