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  1. jowens66

    Tire issues

    That shouldn't matter i wouldn't think.
  2. jowens66

    Running Rich...

    Turning the fuel screw in will be leaner. I don't think jetting/richness is your problem if its blowing smoke. Sounds like its burning oil.
  3. jowens66

    CRF Big Bore

    Hey guys, i searched, but really couldn't find the answer i was looking for. I'm looking at doing a big bore kit when it comes time on my 04' CRF450R. I'll probably go the cylinder works route with a JE piston. My question(s) are: 1.) What will just adding the big bore do for the bike. Stock cam, stock porting, ect. I've heard it really adds low end. Does it add luggability and torque. Hoping it will make it lug like a XR400 or DRZ400. 2.) I believe the compression ratio on the kit i saw was 11:6:1 or something like that. Will the big bore decrease topend life, bottom end life, or valve life in any way? 3.) Will it run hotter and have overheating problems? I'm a trail rider, mostly 1st to 3rd gear trails. Tight single track, steep hills. Sometimes i wish the bike had more torque right off idle. I've heard just adding a big bore kit makes the bike sign off early, which is fine, i never really get into the high rpms. Maybe i should look at a hotcams stage 1 instead? Thanks
  4. jowens66

    450R kickstand

    I have the Pro Moto Billet. Beefy stand, very ruged and durable. I love mine
  5. jowens66

    04' CRF450R Motor Noise

    History on the bike: 78 hours on JE piston & Kimblewhites Stock rod and bearings Stock Cam Chain Valves were adjusted 15 hours ago. The counter balancer bearing you're talking about, is that on the crank? Easily replaceable? I'm due a top end in about 30 hours i believe. I figure i should get 100 hours of easy trail riding on a piston? ----------------------- I'll pull the head cover off and check the valves. I am guessing you can check the cam chain while you're in there? How do i know if it needs replacing? ------------------------- Is rod knock normal? I'm guessing not. What causes it and what fixes it? ------------------------- And what would be the procedure for checking the counter balancer bearing? ------------------------- Thanks for the help this far guys. This is my first high performance 4 stroke. I'm used to either 2 strokes or old XR's.
  6. jowens66

    04' CRF450R Motor Noise

    Hey guys, I know its normal for the 450's to make some motor noise, but the other day it started to make some extra noise. It sounds the same as the regular knock or clacking, but louder now. What could the problem be? It only makes the noise at idle it seems. It also idles a bit funny now. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. jowens66

    06 kx450f lowerd footpegs

    Fastway pegs in the lowboy position.
  8. jowens66

    Modded CRF150F Jetting

    Anyone? I put a 45 pilot and 125mj in it. Seems to cut out when running WOT. Pretty sure that the mj is still too lean?
  9. jowens66

    XR650 forks on a CRF450R

    Summers ran 650 forks on his 450r i believe? He ran some type of conventionals. Is the stock valving the the 650r forks good? Good enough just to respring for my weight and hit the trails?
  10. Any of you ever seen or heard of anyone putting xr650 front forks on a CRF450R? I think mackmack did it on his 450R. I have an 04' CRF450R, stock forks, springs, and valving. All i do is plunk around and ride trails. Nothing very fast, just putting around. The CRF forks seem very harsh. I'm used to KDX, XR, and KTM exc front forks. I really like how plush the XR forks are with the correct spring rates in them. I've read that scott summers ran xr650 front forks on his crf? Is there any way to get the CRF USD's that plush?
  11. jowens66

    Modded CRF150F Jetting

    Thats a good idea, haven't thought about checking the plug. Do you check the plug on a 4 stroke like a 2 stroke? I know about the electrode color i'm looking for, but is it a plug chop? Ride it about fourth gear WOT and kill the bike while its wide open? If so, this only checks the main jet, correct?
  12. Guys i'm looking for some jetting info for on a 04' CRF150F. I've changed it to a 42 pilot, 115 Main, 4th clip on the needle. Before i rejetted it, we added a big gun pipe, pull the air box snorkel off, and added a Ready Filter. Bike would bog bad enough to kill it right off idle, and was getting extremely hot (i think, not too familiar with the 150's). I knew it was lean. Added the 42pj, 115mj, and changed the needle and it runs great. I'm still wondering if it runs a little hot though. How can you tell if a air cooled bike is over heating? I have a 45 and 48 Pilot on hand, but it may richen it too much. I also have a 125 and130MJ on hand, but wondering if its too rich also. I'd rather it run rich and run nice and cool though. So what do yall recommend? We ride anywhere from 0 to 1000ft above sea level. The only mods to the bike are the big gun head pipe and muffler, air box snorkel removed, and a higher flowing filter. Thanks
  13. jowens66

    Hill Climb Tire

    I've wondered that myself
  14. jowens66

    Hill Climb Tire

    How is the hookup on loose rocky terrain with the big M5B?
  15. jowens66

    Hill Climb Tire

    Okay. Which tire wins in straight line traction in the loose stuff. TeraFlex 150/90-18 Or IRC M5B 140/80-18